Guitar Shop Deluxe Tool Set

Guitar Shop Deluxe Tool Set
Guitar Shop Deluxe Tool Set Item # 5015
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Guitar Shop Deluxe Tool Set
Guitar Shop Deluxe Tool Set, Metric Item # 5015-M
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Guitar Shop Deluxe Tool Set

You've dreamed of building your shop—take your work to the professional level!
Have you been thinking of taking the next step in your repair business? Do you want to be the person your customers trust whatever their repair is, big or small? You've worked hard at getting the skills, don't let anything hold you back from tackling more jobs and getting professional results! Now it's time to build your shop the right way.

Get everything you need to work confidently on any problem that comes your way. With the right tools you can take on any job, fix it for the customer fast, and know that you did the job right.

We've curated this set so you'll be able to solve whatever problems customers throw at you. When you've got the desire to get more professional results, we're here to support you every step of the way. We've worked with our team of techs, builders, and luthiers to assemble the best tools to help you grow your skills. With the Erlewine Neck Jig Workstation, Jaws2 Fret Press, Solder Monster, diamond files, and more (over 100 professional tools) your work will have the accuracy and speed you've always wanted.

What kind of jobs can do with this set?

  • Complete refret—Make a tough job easy with expert tools to pull old frets, minimize chipping, check and establish radius (7 different radii) and fix any fretboard wear.
  • Level any new fretboard fast—Three sizes of precision ground leveling bars let you sand an entire mandolin, guitar, or bass fretboard at one time.
  • Clean and prep fret slots—You have the right tools to perfectly clean fret slots that will let a fret seat effortlessly.
  • Advanced fret work—You can fine-tune fret barbs to perfectly fit any size slot, and you can cut the tangs to drop the fret right into a bound fingerboard.
  • Install new frets—Precisely pound or press in new frets on any instrument, acoustic or electric, even over an acoustic soundboard.
  • Level frets—The leveling files precisely flatten frets quickly and consistently. You'll have the control to remove only the material you need to.
  • Dress frets—Save time with diamond recrowning files that leave far less scratches to remove. You'll also make the frets feel amazing with perfectly smooth ends. Tools to shine and polish the frets will give customers that buttery smooth feeling every time they play.
  • Make new nuts and saddles from scratch—A perfect upgrade for any guitar, you can make new nuts with comfortable string spacing and string height for any instrument. Cut your slots to the perfect depth with extreme precision on the first try!
  • Precision setup—Your setups will be faster than ever with tools to find high frets, match fingerboard and bridge radii, protect fretboards, support acoustic and electric necks, evaluate neck relief, and set the most comfortable action.
  • Set up a dedicated work space—mYou'll never risk scratching a customer's instrument with the Bench Pad and neck rests. You'll have the secure space to safely fine tune any instrument that comes into your shop.

And—We also include Erick Coleman and Dan Erlewine's essential Fret Work Step-by-Step This is not just a handbook, it is like apprenticing with two masters of their craft. Diving into the course lets you feel like you are working side-by-side in their shop. You'll learn all the tricks that it took Erick and Dan decades to develop, from seating a single high fret to a full refret on a delicate vintage guitar.

Tools you'll have for life—backed by our lifetime promise
When you invest in these tools, you can feel confident that your money was well spent. Since 1968, our tool are backed by our lifetime promise. These tools will keep working hard in your shop, job after job, year after year. Each tool is expertly designed by a craftsperson like you. In the rare event a tool does not meet your expectations, you can simply return it for a replacement.

Be the shop customers count on!

Full set includes:

Major Shop Tools

  • 5399 Erlewine Neck Jig
  • 5390 Erlewine Shop Stand
  • 1820 Angle Vise

Set up

  • 3814 Notched Straightedge, For guitars
  • 3850 Precision Straightedges, 18" length
  • 5433 Radius Gauges, Notched, set of 4
  • 2004 Neck Relief Gauge
  • 5432 Radius Gauges, Original (smooth), set of 2
  • 0353 Understring Radius Gauges, Standard width, set of 9
  • 0447 Luthier's Digital Caliper
  • 0670 String Action Gauge, Inches (0670-M Metric in Metric set)
  • 1679 Guitar Bench Pad
  • 3728 Rock-n-Roller Neck Rest,5" acoustic
  • 3722 Rock-n-Roller Neck Rest, 3-3/4" solidbodies
  • 1685 OptiVISOR Headband
  • 1686 Quasar LS Lights

Fret work

  • 4267 Jaws2 Fret Press
  • 4368 2.5" Fret Press Insert, 5 radii: 6”, 7.25", 9.5”, 12", 16"
  • 1296 Deadblow Fretting Hammer
  • 4577 Fret/Fingerboard Levelers, 3 lengths: 8" length, 16" length, 24" length
  • 5767 3M Stikit Self-adhesive Abrasives, 120-grit, 15 yards
  • 5768 3M Stikit Self-adhesive Abrasives, 220-grit, 15 yards
  • 5769 3M Stikit Self-adhesive Abrasives, 320-grit, 15 yards
  • 1175 Fret End Dressing File
  • 3770 Fret Rocker
  • 3731 Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads, 3" x 4" Set of 9
  • 3602 Refret Saw
  • 4870 Fret Slot Cleaning Tool
  • 0415 8" Radius Blocks in 7 radii: 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 16", 14", 20"
  • 0410 4" Radius Blocks in 7 radii: 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 16", 14", 20"
  • 3744 StewMac Fingerboard Guards, For Guitar, Set of 6
  • 0487 Teflon Fret Dam
  • 0619 StewMac Fret Cutter
  • 1158 Chip Stoppers, Set of 2
  • 1636 Precision Fret Puller
  • 1645 StewMac Fret Tang Nipper
  • 0862 Fret/Fingerboard Leveling Files, Fret Leveler, 6"
  • 5054 Offset Diamond Fret File, 300-grit
  • 5082 Z-File Fret Crowning Files, Original Z-File
  • 1550 Fret Work Step-By-Step
  • 0671 Binding Tape 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" widths
  • 1601 3-Corner Fret Dressing Files, Small, 7-3/8"
  • 1602 3-Corner Fret Dressing Files, Medium, 8"
  • 1603 3-Corner Fret Dressing Files, Large, 9"
  • 4900 Fret Crimper
  • 4363 Fret Barber

Nut Making

  • 1816 Nut and Saddle Vise
  • 12203 Digital Nut Slotting Gauge, For guitar and most instruments
  • 3707 Micro-Mesh Touch Up Stick
  • 1811 Feeler Gauges
  • 1796 Neck Caul
  • 0674 String Spacing Rule
  • 1797 Acoustic Wedge
  • 1798 Electric Wedge
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