Erlewine ShopStand

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Erlewine ShopStand

More versatile than a workbench! Raise your work to the height you really want. The ShopStand adapts your jigs and vises to you, not the other way around.

Repairman Dan Erlewine envisioned a swiveling, tilting, height-adjustable workstand for better access to his repair work. Our tool development wizard Don MacRostie added his own vision of the stand, as an adjustable column to hold quick-change jigs and fixtures for instrument building. The Erlewine ShopStand was the result, and it immediately proved its worth.

Raise your work to the height you really want. The ShopStand adjusts from 28" to 36" in height. It adapts to you, not the other way around.

Get complete access to your work. The ShopStand is an industrial-grade, free-standing unit that bolts to your shop floor. It's heavy-duty and rock-steady. It rotates with ball-bearing smoothness to any position you need, and locks in place quickly and easily. You can move completely around the job in progress, for faster, easier access without reclamping.

Gain extra space in your shop. Your workbench uses lots of floor space; the ShopStand has a small footprint. You can interchange your jigs as needed, and hang them on the wall when the work's done.

Maximum height 36"
Minimum height 27", with ball bearing column rotation
Base size 10" x 10" (floor bolts required)
Top plate size 8" x 5" (drilled and tapped to fit our Guitar Repair Vise)

Erlewine ShopStand is the perfect support for many of our tools. The ShopStand and Guitar Repair Vise Set a sturdy, money-saving, 360-degree swiveling tool combo! We've customized our vise to give it bearing-smooth operation that you won't find elsewhere.

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