StewMac Precision Fret Puller

StewMac Precision Fret Puller
StewMac Precision Fret Puller Item # 1636 In stock, ready to ship!
StewMac Precision Fret Puller
StewMac Precision Fret Puller with Chip Stoppers Set Item # 1663 In stock, ready to ship!
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StewMac Precision Fret Puller

Get ready for the smoothest fret removal ever!
Improved chip-stopping performance, control, and comfort.

  • Jaw tips are precision-ground to the perfect angle (detailed below).
  • Better visibility of the work through the larger throat opening.
  • Longer handles are more comfortable—our hands thanked us after a full fret removal.

"The shallow grind gets right under the fret ends for easy walk out removal." — StewMac's R+D Team

We tested various designs and jaws to find the ultimate angles for extraction. Our Precision Pullers are meticulously ground to our specifications.

The outer face is ground and polished to be flush with the fingerboard, and glide under the fret crown edge.

Inner jaw tips are ground to a 45-degree angle to gently nudge the fret free of its slot as the jaws close. By carefully exerting less force on the fret wire, the smoother action eliminates unwanted chipping, especially if you've loosened the glue a bit with a warm soldering iron.

When working with dry and difficult fretboards, use the Precision Pullers with our Chip Stoppers for an extra layer of confidence in a chip-free and hassle-free job.

Do not use pullers to cut fretwire—the custom ground jaws can be damaged if used for anything other than pulling.

  • Smooth spring action for excellent control
  • Comfortable rubberized handles
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Overall length: 6"
  • Throat depth: 1"
  • Face width: 3/8"
California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm