Digital Nut Slotting Gauge

Digital Nut Slotting Gauge, For Guitar and Most Instruments
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Digital Nut Slotting Gauge, For Bass
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Digital Nut Slotting Gauge

A revolution in guitar setup—now even better!
Precisely measures string heights and cut accurate nut slots for consistent playability.

Bold, precise measurement
We upgraded our Nut Slotting Gauge with an all-new digital indicator. It's much easier to read and easily switches between standard and metric. With a resolution of 0.001" or 0.01mm, it's also much more precise. Nut slot depth is critical to a great setup, and this is a big upgrade for one of our most useful tools.

This tool will transform the way you set up a guitar.
The Digital Nut Slotting Gauge quickly and precisely measures string heights over the first fret. When filing nut slot depths, you see your results more accurately than ever before. No more guesswork or "eyeballing" the string heights, and no more searching for elusive combinations of feeler gauges. You can custom-tailor the playability with consistent, repeatable results.

The machined brass base fits over the strings to rest on the fingerboard, and it works with most acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, and banjos. A larger brass base is machined to fit bass string spacings. Both have gently arched bottoms to follow most any fretboard radius.

  • Displays in inches or millimeters
  • Large, easy to read screen
  • Accurate resolution: 0.001" or 0.01mm

Replacing a dial indicator?
Previous versions of this tool had an analog dial indicator (instructions for previous versions available here). You can easily upgrade your older Nut Slotting Gauge to the digital indicator: loosen the set screw on the brass block, remove the dial indicator and replace it with the digital indicator, and tighten the set screw. No modifications are necessary.

The Digital Nut Slotting Gauge is included in this money-saving set: Nut Slotting Gauge and Neck Relief Gauge Set.

Battery included.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm