Tool List for the Parsons Guitar Repair School

Tool List for the Parsons Guitar Repair School Item # 101669
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Tool List for the Parsons Guitar Repair School

This list of required tools from Parson's Guitar Repair School has all of the tools you need for serious guitar work from fretting, nut making, bridge repair, setup, and much more. 

StewMac supplies lutherie students with essential tools of the trade. The students benefit by owning and mastering the specialized tools that will serve them in their professional careers. But you don't have to be a student to get them for your shop!

"The students who have thrived in my school and gone on to have successful shops of their own understand that it is all about method, repetition, muscle memory, patience and passion for the discipline. Over the years, the Parsons Guitar Repair School has become a legacy thing for me. It remains my personal goal to create a network of luthier/guitar techs who do things the DJ way…the right way."—DJ Parsons

Tool List for the Parsons Guitar Repair School includes: 
0107 Jack Installation Tool
0447 Luthier's Digital Caliper
0619 StewMac Fret Cutter
0673 String Spacing Rule
0678 Orange Multi-Purpose Tape, 3/4" wide
0825 File Cleaning Brush
1175 Fret End Dressing File
1296 Deadblow Fretting Hammer
1344 ESP Multi Spanner
1813 Guitar Repair Vise
1816 Nut and Saddle Vise
2011 Soundhole Clamps, 7" with leveler (3)
2251 Snapfile Leveling System, Snapfile magnetic handle only
2255 Snapfile Leveling System, Snapfile fret end beveling file only
3531 Pullit Knob Puller
4870 Fret Slot Cleaning Tool
103556 PEAKMETER Digital Multimeter, PM8225C
3691 Guitar Tech Wrench Set
3728 Rock-n-Roller Neck Rest, 5" height for acoustic guitars
3770 Fret Rocker
0353 Understring Radius Gauges, Standard width, set of 9
0670 String Action Gauge, Inches
4242 Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener, Original Bullet
4323 Endpin Jack Reamer
4466 Bridge Spatula
4542 Double-edge Nut Files, .026/.032
4543 Double-edge Nut Files, .036/.042
4544 Double-edge Nut Files, .050/.060
4556 Nut and Saddle Shaping Files, Set of 2
4602 Acoustic Bridge Locating Pins, Package of 6
4905 StewMac Shop Rule, 6" Rule
5082 StewMac Z-File Fret Crowning Files, Original Z-File
5124 3-Piece Inspection Mirror
5892 Guitar Nutdrivers, 1/2"
6126 Mitchell Abrasive Cord, .018" (.46mm), 200-grit
12203 Digital Nut Slotting Gauge, For Guitar and Most Instruments

Parsons Guitar Repair School
Mechanicvillle, New York

At Parsons Guitar Repair School, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of guitars, basses, and other string instruments that will prepare them to perform high-quality repairs and run their own shop.

Beginning with the setup of electric and acoustic instruments, every element of instrument repair and maintenance is covered, including electronics and wiring, fret work, making nuts and saddles and tradecraft. Master luthier DJ Parsons provides one-on-one instruction to every student, ensuring that proper techniques are developed at every stage of the training.

The course consists of 6 phases with 5 sessions per phase. An accelerated, 2 week course is available for students coming in from out-of-state.

DJ is on a mission to certify a new generation of well-trained, highly-skilled guitar repair technicians-the kind of craftspeople who will help musicians keep their instruments in great shape, and safeguard them for years of musical performances and enjoyment.


A career in lutherie starts with the right tools.
We serve leading lutherie schools by supplying their students with tools of the trade. The students benefit by owning and mastering specialized professional tools that will serve them well in their careers. Each school has developed a list of required StewMac tools that are essential to their coursework.

For the majority of aspiring guitarmakers who will never attend a lutherie school, these lists are valuable recommendations. Whether you're an apprentice, or starting out on your own, we make it easy to order the same tools trusted by veteran instructors.

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