Finishing a Blue Guitar

Dan Erlewine shows how to achieve a PRS-style finish with stains and aerosol lacquer. Introduction


• Wood preparation
• Staining the guitar
• PRS-style binding
• Sealer & scuff sand
• Topcoats & touchup
• Final sanding & rubbing out

Once again, Dan Erlewine shares his master lutherie skills, this time with a tricky finish that gives the impression of binding, when it's really just exposed wood. This technique was made popular by builder Paul Reed Smith

Blue guitar with stains and aerosol lacquer

Bonus: You don't need finishing equipment!

This guitar body was finished using hand applied stain, aerosol finish, and hand-drill powered polishing pad!

Here's Dan to tell you how:

Dan Erlewine

Here's how I went about applying my simplified version of the PRS-style finish—where the curly maple top is dyed, yet the edge of the maple stays clean and looks like binding. I had never seen this finish technique used before PRS came along, and it has become quite popular since.

It was my first time using aerosol lacquers, so I'll show you how easy they are, and how I corrected some minor mistakes. They are pretty convenient if you don't have spray guns or a spray booth.

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Introduction Finishing a Blue Guitar
Part One Wood preparation
Part Two Staining the guitar
Part Three PRS-style binding
Part Four Sealer & scuff sand
Part Five Topcoats & touchup
Part Six Final sanding & rubbing out

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