Tool List for the STEM Guitar Project

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Tool List for the STEM Guitar Project

The STEM Guitar Project recommends StewMac tools for manufacturing accuracy: fret pressing, radiusing, string spacing, and more. You don't have to be enrolled to get them for your shop!

The Guitar Project uses the guitar to teach fundamental science and math principles and product lifecycle management concepts. Faculty members work together to write a curriculum to train high school and college instructors to bring the guitar project back to their classrooms.

Tool List for STEM Guitar Project includes:
#0619 StewMac Fret Cutter
#0670 String Action Gauge, Inches
#3572 Pull Stroke Gauged Saws, 0.020" (0.51mm)
#3814 Notched Straightedge, For guitars
#4366 Fret Press Caul
#4371 Fret Press Inserts, 12" radius
#4541 Double-edge Nut Files, 0.012" / 0.020"
#4542 Double-edge Nut Files, 0.026" / 0.032"
#4543 Double-edge Nut Files, 0.036" / 0.042"
#5055 Nut Seating Files, For 1/8" wide nut
#0862 Fret/Fingerboard Leveling Files, Fret Leveler 6"
#4895 Fretting Hammer, Hammer with plastic and brass faces
#5643 Aluminum Radius-sanding Beam, 12" radius
#4479 Neck Support Caul
#4455 Dual-grit Diamond Fret File, For medium fretwire

STEM Guitar Project
Integrating guitar fabrication with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

This National Science Foundation STEM Guitar Project provides innovative professional development to high school and community college faculty in collaborative design and rapid manufacturing. Faculty teams will take part in an intense five-day guitar design/build project. Each faculty member will build his/her own custom electric guitar and will engage in student-centered learning activities that relate the guitar design to specific math, science and engineering topics. Participants will leave this weeklong experience with their custom-made guitars, curriculum modules that can be immediately integrated into the faculty teams' school curriculum, and much more.

A career in lutherie starts with the right tools.
We at StewMac serve leading lutherie schools by supplying their students with tools of the trade. The students benefit by owning and mastering specialized professional tools that will serve them well in their careers. Each school has developed a list of required StewMac tools that are essential to their coursework.

For the majority of aspiring guitarmakers who will never attend a lutherie school, these lists are valuable recommendations. Whether you're an apprentice, or starting out on your own, we make it easy to order the same tools trusted by veteran instructors.

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