From simple action tweaks to fret work and everything in between, we've got the right tools, tips, and instructions to help you make any guitar play, sound, and feel better than ever. 


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Make Your Guitar Play Great

Whether you're just getting started or have decades of experience, we've got all the tools you need to get the job done right. Simple sets or a complete shop's worth of tools, we have something for every job, every budget, and every skill level.

The right tools for every job

We've curated over 40 tool sets to tackle any job big or small, from simple action adjustment to complex neck re-sets. 

Got problems with your frets?

Don't let issues with your frets keep you from playing. Need a simple polishing or a full re-fret? We have the custom tools to make it easy.

Get a neck that plays right

Whether it's a small neck adjustments or a full fret level, you can get pro results—even if your shop is your kitchen table. 

How to Play Like Your Guitar Hero

Here are over three dozen precise setup specs collected by Dan Erlewine as he interviewed famous players and roadies. See how Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Brian Setzer, and more get their tone.


Tool Sets Setup Tools Tips + Tricks Gift Ideas

Get the Perfect Setup

The perfect setup requires great tools. We invented the industry-standard tools for evaluating neck relief, string action, and more. Whether you're lowering action, setting intonation, or quieting noisy electronics, we've got the problem-solvers you need.

Know your neck is dead straight

A straight neck is essential for a guitar that plays great. Our straightedges are the right length and precision-ground for ultimate accuracy. 

Get lower action

Get better sound, feel, and playability fast! Easily set your action, bridge radius, and pickup height with this collection of must-have tools. 

Fix scratchy pots instantly

You don't always need to replace those scratchy pots and noisy switches—you can fix them! This set helps you instantly get rid of the noise and prevent corrosion in the future.  

Get rid of hum and buzz

Electrical noise from lights and outlets will totally ruin your gig. It's easy to shield your guitar from these terrible RF signals so only your tone is heard.

Stay in tune song after song

A very easy upgrade, Grover Rotomatic tuners have been relied on since the 1960s for better tuning stability and rugged construction. 

The key to a better playing guitar

A well made nut is a huge improvement to any guitar. Better tone, betting tuning stability, and comfortable action. With just a few simple tools you can make your own. 

Know your neck is straight!

Take the guesswork out of guitar truss rod adjustment and dial-in the perfect playability for every instrument.

Cut perfect nut slots every time

Sized to match the string gauge perfectly, these files will save you hours with better results on every nut.   

Never file too deep again

Instantly measure string heights for accurate nut making. This tool will transform the way you set up a guitar.

youtube cHdV22Ke31E

Blake demonstrates the four key measurements necessary to get your guitar's action perfect.


Tool Sets Setup Tools Tip + Tricks Gift Ideas


1. Adjust the Action on an Acoustic

Is your acoustic hard to play? With just a few measurements and simple adjustments you can lower the saddle, dial in the nut, and adjust the neck to to work best for your playing style. We'll show you step by step how to do it. 

Video: How to Adjust Your Acoustic Action >>

2. How to Intonate Your Guitar

If you've experienced tuning problems as you play up the neck, it's time to adjust your intonation. With just a screwdriver and a tuner we'll show you how to get even the trickiest chords and runs to play in tune. 

Video: How to Intonate Your Guitar >>

3. Pickup Height

Setting your pickup height is one of the most important parts of shaping the tone of your electric guitar. After dialing in a comfortable action you're ready to dial in just the right amount of bite and warmth from your pickups. We'll show you our favorite specs and how to find yours. 

Video: How to Set Your Pickup Height >>

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Tool Sets Setup Tools Tip + Tricks Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Shopping for guitar hero in your life? Or want to show the gift givers in your life what you really want? Here's our favorite gifts ANY player will love.

Not sure what to get?

Anyone who's passionate about guitars will love absolutely everything in the Ultimate Shine Guitar Care System. You get everything you need to clean your entire guitar.

Don't break your neck!

An instant stand right where you need it. Just throw it in your gig bag and you've always got a solid place to lean your guitar (or bass). It's cheap insurance against expensive repairs and heartbreak.

A shop in your hand

Don't risk stripping out a screw or worse breaking one off. We've made this set specifically for guitar hardware from tuners to bridges.

A tuner right where you need it

"There are a lot of features packed into this little tuner. The tuner tracks great and I can clearly read the screen in any lighting situation. The greatly improved battery life is a plus too!" - Erick Coleman

Show you love the craft

If you're like us, you can't have just one guitar (...or amp...or pedal), so why even choose? We borrowed this logo from our ColorTone brand of finishing products, and once we put it on a shirt, we loved it!

The most important tool in the shop

Everyone's favorite guitar repairman Dan Erlewine (complete with Opti-Visor) adorns the front of the stylish pint glass that any fan of Dan is sure to love!!

Be your own tech

You'll find no better book for doing your own setup and maintenance than this trusted guide from the world's best-known guitar repairman. Dan Erlewine packed this second edition with more photo-illustrated tips for guitarists and technicians. He shares expert setup and adjustment techniques, with valuable trade secrets along the way.