Nut + Saddle Making Tool Set

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Nut + Saddle Making Tool Set

Save with the set! Our money-saving set of the basic tools you'll need for professionally shaping, laying out string spacing, and slotting nuts and bridge saddles.

Everything you need to make a nut or saddle from scratch!

Shaping Files, set of 2 Also sold separately
Each steel file has two different cutting surfaces, and four cuts in all: Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Extra Fine. Using the files in combination, you can quickly refine a nut blank nut to a smooth shape, ready for final polishing.

Gauged Saw, 0.010" width Also sold separately
This versatile saw is perfect for starting new slots and trimming nuts, saddles, and other small parts, too.

Double-edge Files, set of 4 Also sold separately
These custom-sized files are designed to cut round-bottom slots. The full set lets you cut the correct sized slots for most acoustic or electric guitars you'll see. Set includes: 0.012"/0.020", 0.026"/0.032", 0.036"/0.042", and 0.050"/0.060".

Nut and Saddle Vise Also sold separately
Small but heavy, this handy custom-tapered vise features custom tapered jaws that stay out of the way of your files and tools.

String Spacing Rule Also sold separately
You can finally lay out proportional string spacing. This rule does that math for you—you'll never have a "crowded" string feeling again.

Feeler Gauges Also sold separately
A set of 11 steel gauges that allow precision filing of nut slot depths. These gauges are also useful for checking string-to-fret clearances.

These are the same quality tools we supply to busy repair shops! A great way to develop your skills with a modest investment in the proper tools.

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