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  • Alligator Clip Heat Sinks - 10 Pack

    Alligator Clip Heat Sinks - 10 Pack

    These copper clips draw soldering heat away from wiring insulation and delicate components, to prevent melting, scorching and damage. An ounce of prevention for trouble-free soldering jobs!

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  • '62 Brit-Plex 45W Amp Kit

    '62 Brit-Plex 45W Amp Kit

    The original British powerhouse that shook the world
    When this amp launched in a tiny London club in September 1963 it changed the world, and we still can’t get enough.

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  • Free-Way 3-Way/6-Position Pickup Switch

    Free-Way 3-Way/6-Position Pickup Switch

    Unlock new tones for your Tele®!
    Are you feeling limited by your pickup switching options? Do you dread cutting holes into your treasured guitar for new switches? Do you find push-pull pots are clumsy to use in an actual performance?

  • Free-Way 5-Way/10-Position Pickup Switch

    Free-Way 5-Way/10-Position Pickup Switch

    Unlimited new tones for your guitar!
    Finally! A simple solution to get more options out of your pickups, without drilling holes, installing new switches, or adding push-pull pots. Don't change the look and feel of your guitar when you can get more options with one simple upgrade.

  • Fender Deluxe TAD Tube Set with Matched Power Tubes

    Fender Deluxe TAD Tube Set with Matched Power Tubes

    Find the best tubes for your Fender Deluxe!

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