StewMac Sun Fuzz Pedal Kit

StewMac Sun Fuzz Pedal Kit, With Bare Enclosure
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StewMac Sun Fuzz Pedal Kit, With White Enclosure
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StewMac Sun Fuzz Pedal Kit

Inspired by Analogman's Sun Face, our version finally gives you the control and tone shaping you've always wanted from the original Fuzz Face circuit. If you love Hendrix, Clapton, or Gilmour—this fuzz must be on your board. 

The Fuzz Face is one of the foundational tones for electric guitar. However, the originals can be hard to control and don't play nice with many pickups and amps—even temperature can completely change the tone! Following Analogman's lead, we've swapped the germanium transistor for a silicon BC-108, giving the pedal a brighter tone, more gain, and enhanced touch sensitivity. 

The most versatile fuzz you've ever tried
With simple controls for volume, fuzz, and tone it's easy to dial in just a touch of fuzz for chunky chords or max it out for super saturation and sustain. Want to go deep? You can further tailor the sound with the internal clean and bias controls for infinite tone tweaking. And it sounds great with humbuckers, single-coils, and P-90s—this fuzz can do it all. 

Designed with the beginning pedal builder in mind
No need to wait months for Analogman or try your luck on the used market—this is an easy pedal to build.

We include everything you need:

  • 32 page step-by-step instructions written for the first time builder
  • Top quality, high tolerance components from resistors to switches
  • Road-worthy rugged metal enclosure with all holes pre-drilled
  • Bare or powder coated white finish
  • 3PDT breakout board for low noise
  • Internal trim pots for tone shaping
  • Input, output, and power jacks rear mounted for easy cable routing
  • True bypass
  • Custom printed labels

Nobody does instructions like StewMac
This is a fun project where you'll learn a lot. You'll see every solder joint and resistor value to make sure your build is perfect from start to finish. And if you get stuck, our team is here to help! Be proud every time you step on the custom pedal that you built.

Make your pedal your way
It's never been easier to have an inspiring sounding and looking pedal. We include labels for all of the knobs for a professional look. Paint your own raw metal enclosure or choose a powder coated enclosure that's ready to put on your board now. Take the first step to customize your sound.

Powered by a 9 volt power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel, available separately. 

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm