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Refretting the Mike Bloomfield Tele

Issue 260 April 21, 2016

Dan Erlewine just moved into a new shop! In this video he finishes work on the Mike Bloomfield Telecaster, a guitar with a lot of history. We’ve been following this guitar for several videos; now Dan wraps it up with an assist from Erick Coleman.
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About the guitar in this video: This is the 1963 Tele that Mike Bloomfield played on Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" and on the first Paul Butterfield Blues Band album in the 1960s.

blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkThe fretboard radius changes up and down this neck!
  • checkmarkModified version of Leo Fender's sideways fretting technique
  • checkmarkSpecial neck holder for this sideways fretting.
  • checkmarkErick Coleman and Dan work as a tag team on this complex refret.

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