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New quick-adjust wheel! The world's most popular fret bender, now with a new brass thumbwheel to control the radius. Simpler and faster than ever!

A great idea: Crank a length of fretwire through the FretBender, and it comes out curved and ready to install in a radiused fretboard. Get a perfect bend on enough wire for a whole guitar in just seconds.

Perfectly radiused fretwire, guaranteed
Insert the wire, turn the crank, and out it comes with a constant curvature that you'd never get by bending with pliers. Precisely radiused fretwire makes your fretwork fast, accurate, and professional. StewMac's FretBender is a valuable addition to your busy shop, and backed by our Lifetime Promise.

New thumbwheel: the brass adjuster on top is an easy, controllable way to dial in your radius. A great addition to a product that's proven its worth since the 80s when repairman Randy Stockwell's idea inspired this tool!

The FretBender uses precision ball-bearing rollers. The heavy-duty aluminum column can be clamped in a vise, or use the pre-drilled bolt holes to mount it to your workbench.

"Bending every fret by hand takes me about 15 minutes, and I get uneven results. This tool does the job perfectly in less than a minute."
— Dan Erlewine

How it works
Your choice of fretwire will determine where to set the thumbwheel—every wire is different. Run a 6-inch test piece through the FretBender and compare it to your fretboard. Turn the wheel counterclockwise to lower the guide wheel for a tighter radius. When you have the curve you want, lock it in with the knob on top.

Start your test with flat wire, then increase as needed; you can't unbend fretwire that's too tightly curved.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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