How to rout a P-Bass pickup cavity with templates

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Routing a factory-quality cavity for a Precision Bass® pickup: Erick Coleman uses two templates from StewMac. The first template creates the corners and mounting holes, and the second template connects the dots to route out a clean pocket.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: P-Bass Pickup Routing Templates]

Erick Coleman: For bass pickups, we have a two template system. The first one is a drill jig for drilling out your corner holes and mounting screws. And the second template that is for routing out the cavity. Double-stick Tape attaches your template to the body. Make sure to press it down really hard because you don't want that template to move. The larger holes are for the tight corners of the pickup cover. The smaller holes are for your pickup mounting screws. You can use a hand drill for this job, but I prefer to use a drill press for better accuracy.

These dowel pins come with the template set [Erick taps the dowel pins into the holes in the wood]. Use them to line up your cavity template on your work piece. Route your cavity in two passes, three eighths of an inch deep each for a total depth of three quarters of an inch [Erick routes the pickup cavity using the template as a guide]. They'll be a little part where the drill bit and router bit don't overlap and you'll need to remove that with a sharp chisel. Leave the template in place while you're doing this because that helps keep your chisel square with the body.

[Erick places the pickups into the pickup cavities that he just routed]

Now that's a good fit.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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