Double-stick Tape

Double-stick Tape, Standard
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Double-stick Tape, High Strength
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Double-stick Tape

The go-to tape for routing and more
Get a strong, but temporary, bond between nearly any wood, plastic, or metal.

Secure hold, but easy to remove
This is the clear polyester tape we use with routing templates. It has a strong bond, but is easy to remove when finished. This tape also works well for attaching acoustic guitar pickguards.

Standard or high strength?
Our standard strength tape is best for most applications, including bare wood that is prone to tearout, such as spruce. The high strength tape is great for situations where you need a bit more holding power—like securing templates to rough-sanded bare wood or hard, glossy polyurethane. Save by buying the set!

How to use it
Our Double-stick Tape has two different adhesive strengths on each roll. A light tack (template side) and a heavy tack (body side). The light tack is on the side of the tape that you peel the paper backing off of.

Make sure wood is completely free of sawdust or dirt. Cut a piece of tape to your desired size. For larger workpieces, use multiple pieces of tape. Cut the tape so it will cover as much of the template as possible without extending past the edges. Press the tape firmly onto the workpiece, then remove the paper backing. Carefully align your template with the workpiece then press down firmly to secure in place.

Before routing, check around all the edges of the template to make sure there are no gaps between the template and the workpiece. Route your piece to shape.

Important! Be sure to peel the tape off immediately after use. If you don't, it will be tougher to remove.

  • Perfect for securing templates or acoustic pickguards
  • Standard or High Strength tack
  • Creates a tight bond, but removes easily
  • Standard Roll is 2" x 108' (50mm x 33m)
  • High Strength Roll is 2" x 105' (50mm x 32m)
California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm