Aerosol Guitar Finishing Course

Get a pro-quality finish (or refinish) on your next guitar! This FREE in-depth course covers every aspect of finishing a guitar using aerosol spray cans.

If you're new to guitar finishing, you've come to the right place. This is StewMac's step-by-step guitar finishing course. In this 3-part series we show you exactly what you need to do to get a professional-quality guitar finish at home using aerosol lacquers. The results are pretty amazing!!

This series has been months in the making and covers every aspect, all using nitro aerosol finishes. It's perfect for anyone—no experience necessary! You really CAN get a pro-quality result (even on your first try) if you follow these steps.

Part 1

Prepping the Foundation: Prep Sanding, Pore Filler and Sealer Coats

  • Fixing dents
  • Sanding basics
  • Pore filling 
  • Spraying and sanding sealer

Part 2

The Best Way to Spray: Color Coats and Clear Coats

  • Choosing color
  • Tips for spraying lacquer
  • Apply headstock decal


Congratulations to
Guitar Giveaway Winner
Dan Donatelli

Dan Donatelli won the Strat-style guitar featured in these videos, finished by Driftwood Guitars.

ColorTone Aerosols

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