DIY Guitar Service + Setup Tool Set

DIY Guitar Service + Setup Tool Set, Domestic, 110-volt
Domestic, 110-volt Item # 5001
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DIY Guitar Service + Setup Tool Set, International, 220-volt
International, 220-volt Item # 5001-M
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DIY Guitar Service + Setup Tool Set

Service and setup your guitar—your way!
Get all of the tools you need to work confidently on your own gear. Despite what you may have heard, you don't need to take your guitar to a repair shop for basic service and setups. You can get professional quality results right on your kitchen table, desk, any space you have with a little guidance and the right set of tools!

With these tools you'll get the satisfaction of adjusting the neck, dialing in the action, setting the intonation, fine tuning the nut, saddle, and frets yourself. You can find the perfect setup for all of your guitars.

Get the feel you want easily
When you're starting out, it's hard to know what tools you'll need to get serious about working on your instruments. We've taken the guesswork out, and assembled a set that our pros wish they had when they got started. This collection will let you evaluate, set up, and fix the most common problems you'll face when working on your instruments.

Plus—we've discounted this set so you can save money while getting everything you need.

Here's just a few things you can do with this set:

  • Make a dedicated work area with the Guitar Bench Pad and the Hi-Lo Featherweight Neck Rest.
  • Evaluate a neck with a Precision Straightedge.
  • Adjust truss rods and bridge saddles with a set of Ball-end Hex Keys, Inches (set of 11) and Metric (set of 7).
  • Address fret issues with our #1 best selling product, the Fret End Dressing File and StewMac Fingerboard Guards (Set of 6).
  • Tighten any screw, nut, or hardware with the Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set and Guitar Tech Wrench Set.
  • Set up action with our original String Action Gauge (the industry standard tool for set ups), check saddle radius with the Understring Radius Gauges (set of 9).
  • Cut and refine nut slots with a set of Gauged Nut Slotting Files (Set of 7).
  • Fix electronics like a pro. Used by the techs in our shop, the Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron, Multimeter, Fine-Gauge Wire Stripper, Schatten Magnet Polarity Tester, Solder Wick, and Pocket-Pak Solder will get you consistent results.
  • Polish and touch up finishes, frets, nuts, and saddles fast with the Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads, (Set of 9) and Micro-Mesh Touch Up Stick.
  • Completely clean your guitar with ColorTone Scratch Remover, ColorTone Clean + Shine Polish, Two Polishing Cloths, and a StewMac Polishing Mitten.
  • Clean and care for your fretboard with ColorTone Lemon Oil.
  • String up fast with a StewMac String Winder. You can mount this in a drill to tune up or down ultra fast

And—We also include Dan Erlewine's priceless Guitar Player Repair Guide where you'll see all of these tools in action and learn all the techniques to work on your own gear with confidence.

Get ready to take a confident first step into guitar repair.

Full set includes:

Set up

  • 3000 Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set
  • 3691 Guitar Tech Wrench Set
  • 3317 Ball-end Hex Keys, Metric, set of 7
  • 3316 Ball-end Hex Keys, Inches, set of 11
  • 3850 Precision Straightedges 18"
  • 0670 String Action Gauge, Inches (0670-M Metric in International set)
  • 0353 Understring Radius Gauges, Standard width, set of 9
  • 1679 Guitar Bench Pad
  • 1769 Hi-Lo Featherweight Neck Rest
  • 0570 Guitar Player Repair Guide
  • 0259 StewMac String Winder


  • 0502 Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron, Domestic, 110-volt (0502 220-volt in International set)
  • 103460 Delta 60/40 Solder (103461 Lead-free Solder in International Set)
  • 103556 PEAKMETER Digital Multimeter, PM8225C
  • 5127 Schatten Magnet Polarity Tester
  • 0504 Solder Wick

Fret work

  • 1175 Fret End Dressing File
  • 3744 StewMac Fingerboard Guards, For Guitar, Set of 6
  • 3707 Micro-Mesh Touch Up Stick
  • 1606 Fine-Gauge Wire Stripper
  • 3730 Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads, 2" x 2" Set of 9

Nut Making

  • 0821 Gauged Nut Slotting Files, 0.010" width
  • 0823 Gauged Nut Slotting Files, 0.013" width
  • 0827 Gauged Nut Slotting Files, 0.016" width
  • 0828 Gauged Nut Slotting Files, 0.020" width
  • 0831 Gauged Nut Slotting Files, 0.032" width
  • 0833 Gauged Nut Slotting Files, 0.042" width
  • 0835 Gauged Nut Slotting Files, 0.056" width


  • 1997 ColorTone Scratch Remover, 2-oz. bottle
  • 1909 ColorTone Clean + Shine Polish, 2-oz. bottle
  • 2052 Large Cloth, Set of 2
  • 3864 ColorTone Lemon Oil
  • 1852 StewMac Polishing Mitten
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