StewMac Guitar Cleaning Tools

StewMac Guitar Cleaning Tools, Stiff-Bristle Brush
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StewMac Guitar Cleaning Tools, Soft Brush
Soft Brush Item # 2055 In stock, ready to ship!
StewMac Guitar Cleaning Tools, Double-Tipped Brush
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StewMac Guitar Cleaning Tools, Cleaning Swabs, Set of 6
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StewMac Guitar Cleaning Tools, Large Cloth, set of 2
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StewMac Guitar Cleaning Tools, Small Cloth, set of 2
Small Cloth, set of 2 Item # 2051 In stock, ready to ship!
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StewMac Guitar Cleaning Tools

You'll always have just the right tool to clean those hard-to-reach places around and underneath your hardware—even in tight spots like bridge pin holes or between saddles and springs. Also available as a money-saving Guitar Cleaning Tool Set.

#2056 Stiff-Bristle Brush
This brush is perfect for the removal of the grime that builds up because of sweat, skin, and oils from the hands. It's stiff bristles are capable of breaking up weeks worth of grime, and ideal for harmlessly scrubbing areas like electric wiring harnesses, pickups, bridges and control cavities.

#2055 Soft Brush
Use this brush before and after each practice or performance session to reduce the amount of dirt and dust that builds up under your strings. Its small, compact design and gentle bristles allow for omnidirectional sweeping along the fret board, strings, and all those other hard to reach areas that often get neglected.

#2054 Double-Tipped Brush
This two-sided brush has a soft chisel tip, perfect for removing dust and debris from tight cracks between hardware. On the other end, a spiral brush is ideal for cleaning bridge pin holes, string holes on a tremolo block, or in between saddles and springs on a bridge.

#2053 Cleaning Swabs
A set of 6 swabs for detailed cleaning and maintenance, this swab set has everything you need. The Nylon Swabs (2) are made with shred-resistant polyfoam tips that can stand up to the toughest scrubbings. The Solvent Swabs (3) are recommended for applying polishes and cleaners, and are also ideal for cleaning headstocks, under strings, pocket areas, and anywhere else that a cloth just can’t reach. The Paddle Swab (1) is extremely flexible and perfect for applying polishes or cleaners under tailpieces, bridges and knobs, and other hard-to-reach places.

#2052 Large Cloth
Our large cloth is the perfect thing to keep in your guitar case for after performances. The slightly rough texture of the cloth makes it ideal for wiping down strings, and removing heavy smudges and fingerprints. Combine with ColorTone Scratch Remover to polish away fine scratches.

#2051 Small Cloth
This microfiber cloth is an essential multi-use tool that is part of any serious musician's maintenance routine. Kept dry, it can be used to remove smudges and fingerprints, or for a dry polish. Cloths can also be used with ColorTone Clean + Shine Polish to protect, clean, and condition the surface of your instrument.

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