StewMac Sun Fuzz Pedal Kit Instructions

Build the most versatile fuzz you've ever heard

The Sun Fuzz is our take on Analogman’s Sun Face, which is based on the legendary Fuzz Face. Following Analogman's lead, we've swapped the germanium transistor for a silicon BC-108, giving the pedal a brighter tone, more gain, and enhanced touch sensitivity. The internal controls make it one of the easiest to use and best sounding fuzzes we’ve ever heard.

We've written these detailed step-by-step instructions for the beginner—from getting familiar with all of the resistors, to soldering, to the first time you plug it in, we're here to help. Even if this is your first electronic project, these full color instructions will make it easy and fun to make something you'll be proud of.

These instructions were updated January 2024.

Important correction to previous instructions: Only use instructions books dated January 2024 or later. Confirm on the back of your instructions.