How to stop breaking router bits

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Issue 225 September 11, 2014

A customer asked me how to avoid breaking tiny router bits. I answer this question from time to time on the phone, and it makes a good Trade Secrets topic. I talked to Dan Erlewine and Dan made us this video. Check it out!
—Matt Brooker, StewMac Tech Support

Matt Brooker is a luthier, musician and member of StewMac’s Tech Team. Matt’s been with StewMac for three years, and he’s one of the experts who answers your questions on the phone and by email.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • "If you're breaking this little guy, you're using it wrong"
  • Dan Erlewine's rules for not breaking router bits
  • Tip: Use any plug strip as a footswitch
  • Tip: Dan's two-pedal "sewing machine" routing technique

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