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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Ivoroid Butterbean Knobs for Solid Pegheads

Waverly Guitar Tuners with Ivoroid Butterbean Knobs for Solid Pegheads

Waverly Guitar Tuners with Ivoroid Butterbean Knobs for Solid Pegheads Nickel, 3L/3R

Nickel, 3L/3R

Item # 4073
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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Ivoroid Butterbean Knobs for Solid Pegheads Gold, 3L/3R

Gold, 3L/3R

Item # 4073-G
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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Ivoroid Butterbean Knobs for Solid Pegheads

About This Item

The choice of renowned guitarmakers for their finest instruments.
Vintage-style grained ivoroid with a "scalloped" shape.

Waverly tuners feature old style tapered 1/4"-diameter string posts and the press-fit brass hex bushings fit 11/32"-diameter pegholes. Screws included.

With Waverly tuners, your guitar plays in tune and stays in tune. Waverly's patented design combines stainless steel with bronze to create smooth, non-slip tuning. The perfect replacement tuners for valued instruments, Waverly machines are handmade to fit precisely without drilling on older Martin and Gibson guitars. Manufacturers such as C.F. Martin, Gibson, Collings, Santa Cruz, Huss & Dalton, Sams, and Bourgeois choose Waverlys for their finest instruments.

Conversion peghead bushings are available for installing Waverly tuning machines in larger diameter 3/8" diameter (Grover, Gotoh, Schaller, etc.) pegholes.

Direct replacement design: No additional mounting holes to drill when replacing similar vintage machines on older Martin and Gibson guitars.

More efficient operation and more precise tuning: 16:1 gear ratio. Patented worm tension bushing eliminates looseness.

Long life with less wear: Stainless steel worm gears have twin bushings. String post gears are machined from bronze alloy; more durable than brass.

Authentic knobs and string posts: Ivoroid knobs resemble real ivory, but are a durable non-animal alternative. Old style tapered string posts are nickel-plated brass.

Peghead Bushing Reamer
For Waverly guitar tuning machines
Get the right fit! This slow-speed bushing reamer has a 1/4" pilot and 11/32" shank. Two 1" flutes cut a .340"-diameter counterbore for Waverly press-fit peghead bushings.

Waverly Tuning Machines: The Choice of Renowned Guitarmakers
Bear Creek
Bedell Guitars
Froggy Bottom
Huss & Dalton
Paul Reed Smith     
Santa Cruz

"They hold their tune and look superb…of course I recommend Waverly." —Dick Boak, Martin Guitars

"Our favorite tuners." —Collings Guitars

"The best tuning keys on the market." —Tony Rice

"Anyone using a lesser tuner is making their life more difficult." —Jorma Kaukonen

"Fast and precise retuning on stage or in the studio is no longer a problem, and finally the tuning machines look as good as the instrument. What did we do before Waverlys?" —Steve James, Austin TX

"Fast tuning on stage or in the recording studio…smooth action and good weight." —Herb Pedersen

"They work as beautifully as they look. The very best!" —Jim Merrill, Merrill Guitars

"Simply the best tuners available for acoustic guitars—I wouldn't use anything else." —Dakota Dave Hull

"Like putting a Rolex on your guitar!" —M.J. Franks Guitars

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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A real upgrade!


Verified Buyer

I used these to replace the OE tuners on my Martin CEO-7. They are mechanically far superior and look great--a better look for this particular guitar, I think. I give 4 instead of 5 because, while I love the tuners, they are so flipping expensive!


Absolutely Great Tuners!


Verified Buyer

I placed these on my new Martin J-40 just a couple weeks ago. It required absolutely no modifications, no new screw holes and they work just as well as the Schaller tuners I replaced. This guitar just looks better with the vintage style ivoroid tuner buttons, and now it's a perfect Martin J-40.


Better than ever!


Verified Buyer

My 2004 Collings had standard nickel butterbean tuners that, while excellent, over the years developed some play and eventually the threaded bushings for the tuner shaft began to come apart, a couple on a gig! Collings and StewMac both honored their lifetime warranties and sent me a new set to replace the old ones. I went with the ivoroid button versions and they look great, but most important, the tuners are flawlessly constructed; super smooth, tight tolerance and no play.


1976 Martin D35


Verified Buyer

Awesome looks and easy tuning indeed


Excellent Tuners, but flawed


I really like these tuners. Very tight and solid feel and stay in tune excellently.

However, in 40 years of guitar playing, I have never had a tuner fail on me before. This is a first. Today, without warning, the plastic button on one of these Waverly tuners no longer turns the worm-gear shaft, so when I turn the plastic button to raise the pitch the button turns by itself and the shaft does not move. The button does turn the shaft if I lower the pitch of the string but, of course, the moment I lower the pitch I can no longer raise the pitch so the guitar becomes immediately un-tunable and unplayable.

Luckily it happened at home and not during a gig. For that reason I definitely would not recommend these tuners for gigging and I will need to replace them with some other brand or model at considerable expense before use this guitar for gigs.

I called Stew Mac and the helpful representative is shipping me a replacement tuner, but I won't be able to play this guitar for at least 5 days and, as I say, for me, it puts any guitar with these tuners in the category of "not to be gigged with without a backup guitar," which is a shame as these are otherwise great tuners.

Response from StewMac

All of our Waverly products have a lifetime warranty. If at anytime a Waverly tuner is not performing as intended, please contact us. We would be happy to replace any defective Waverly products right away.


Waverly 4073 Ivoroid Butterbean Chrome


Verified Buyer

Great tuners! I installed them on my 1999 Martin D-2R. Typically, open-backs are what you want to upgrade from, but not in this case. These tuners are PERFECT in every way. Smooth as silk. They even covered the orig tuner's set screw holes and did NOT need conversion bushings. The bushings that came with this set worked perfectly in the double diameter OEM holes.

A Beautiful Upgrade!


Great product, Excellent customer service


Verified Buyer

I bought a new guitar with Waverly tuners that did not feel as smooth as I expected. Stewart MacDonald sent me out a new set, no questions asked, which were smooth as silk. I am so impressed with their customer service, I will recommend Stewart MacDonald and Waverly tuners to anyone now. Thanks so much!


Absolutely the best


Verified Buyer

I bought a set of Waverly's for an old archtop guitar I was restoring. Not only are they beautiful but they are the highest quality tuners I've seen. They work smoothly and it's very easy to get precise tuning. The guitar stays in tune a long time.


The best tuners, the BEST customer support


I love Waverly tuners & buy them for all of my guitars, but I love the Stew-Mac customer support even more. I purchased a used Martin 000-18 Norman Blake which comes with these tuners, so I was not a customer of Stew-Mac or Martin. One tuner had a mild grinding and even with a drop of oil, it still was not smooth. I called Stew-Mac to purchase 1 replacement tuner. Though we had no business relationship, they offered to swap out the entire set for a new set. I had to talk them down to a single tuner. This was the most stellar customer service that I've ever experienced. I am a long time customer of Stew-Mac, but I hadn't mentioned that when I called in and asked to buy 1 tuner.

There is not a chance that I will ever again purchase anything guitar related without checking first to see what Stew-Mac offers


Best tuners I have ever used!


These are the highest quality tuners I have ever seen or used. They are incredibly smooth and the gear ratio makes it very easy to get an accurate tune. The thing that impresses me most about these tuners is their ability to keep a guitar in tune for long lengths. I put a set of these on an acoustic of mine and after three days of playing, put the guitar down for 2 months, and the guitar was still right on the money and in tune!

Amazing tuners, worthy of the escalated prices.

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