StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System

StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System, With Dreadnought Body Forms
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StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System, With OM Body Forms
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StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System, With 000 Body Forms
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StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System, With J-45 Body Forms
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StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System

There are only a few tools that take center stage in your shop and redefine how you work. This is one of those tools. Completely redesigned with input from Charles Fox, the original inventor of the "Fox" bender, we've created the ultimate system for bending acoustic guitar sides.

We know there are other systems out there, and we've used them all. Each had its own challenges, quirks, and high learning curve—we fixed ALL the problems they have.

We set out with one goal in mind: making the most versatile bending system in the world. We spent over 10 years painstakingly refining prototypes with Charles Fox, rethinking and improving every aspect of the original design. We wanted to make bending consistent, predictable, and approachable for every builder.

Why use a bending machine?

While hot pipe bending has served luthiers well for centuries, it often causes uneven lumps and bumps—requiring significant work to get a smooth profile. And highly figured woods are more susceptible to damage and cracking when bending on a hot pipe. Using a bender is a guaranteed investment in the quality and consistency of your builds, your sides come out perfectly bent with no spring back.

Consistent bends—every time
Let's face it, bending sides the old fashioned way takes a lot of practice and skill to get smooth curves and a perfect fit. And even when you have the skill to do it, it's not a fast process. With a professional side bender you get constant, repeatable results build after build—and it's much more beginner friendly than a hot pipe.


What makes the StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System special?

Open-sided design: Unlike other benders, our bender's open-sided design gives you full access to load your side, no more clumsy maneuvering and hoping your straps and sides stay aligned. This makes it so easy to get your waist bent exactly where you want with no surprises.

Adjustable waist clamp: Our game-changing waist clamp instantly adjusts to any shape, providing perfect pressure exactly where you need it. There's no need for additional jigs when you want to build something new. You can even use your own custom forms with no modification. 

Precise temperature control: Our custom-built temperature controller and heating blanket have pinpoint temperature precision. You get real-time monitoring of the temperature of your side and the blanket—you know exactly when to start and finish your bend for perfect, no surprise results. This is so much better than the old meat thermometer method!

Build different body sizes on the same bender: our one Bender seamlessly adapts to different shapes with instantly swappable body forms. With 8 different interchangeable bending forms (Dreadnought, OM, 000, J-45, and cutaway versions of each) there's nothing holding you back. Want to build a different shape? Just swap in the new forms. You can even use your custom designs on the same Side Bender! 

Built like a tank: Crafted from extruded aluminum, 13-ply Baltic Birch and featuring an industrial ACME screw press, this bender has zero give and flex. Every part of this bender is professional quality and rigorously tested to perform flawlessly. We made each part to withstand all the heat, pressure, and steam you can throw at it.

A lifetime tool for your shop
Backed by our unmatched Lifetime Promise, we've built this production tool to be the heart of your shop. We're with you for every build. From your first bent side to your 100th guitar, we've built this bender to work hard for you. If anything ever breaks or wears out, we'll make it right.


  • Super strong aluminum and 13-ply Baltic Birch construction
  • Custom clamping shoe contours to any waist shape
  • Smooth control with heavy duty ACME screw
  • Easily load sides and forms from any direction
  • Precise and programable temperature control 

StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System includes:

StewMac Acoustic Guitar Side Bending Machine Also available separately
Your journey to custom acoustic guitar building starts with this lifetime tool.

Bending Forms for Acoustic Side Bending Machine Also available separately
The three form support prevents twisting for consistent and repeatable bends. Choose Dreadnought, OM, 000, or J-45.

  • Ultra high quality 13-ply Baltic Birch for durability
  • Precision-crafted for consistent bends
  • Fully interchangeable for instant body style changes

Heating Blanket for Side Bending Also available separately
 The right size, shape, and thickness for bending acoustic guitar sides.

  • Even heat from end to end
  • Heats up fast for consistent bends
  • Made of durable and flexible silicone rubber

Straps Set for Side Bending Also available separately
We include three straps to give you extra support when bending.

  • Extremely flexible to conform to any curve or cutaway
  • Custom thickness and width for consistent bends
  • Won't rust—essential when working with steam
  • 32 gauge stainless steel
  • Includes clamps to secure side, blanket, and straps

Temperature Controller for Side Bending Also available separately
Get the exact heat you want! You can dial in your exact temperature range for complete control throughout your bend.

  • Adjustable temperature limits for precise heat control
  • Thermocouple probe for temperature measurement
  • Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Includes bracket for mounting to Acoustic Side Bending Machine

Bending cutaways just got easier
This is no one-trick pony! As you build different guitars, the bender grows with you. We've also made a Cutaway Ram and Cutaway Bending Forms that install in seconds with no modifications. The tricky process of bending tight cutaways is now a lot less stressful.

27" x 12" (685.8mm x 304.8mm)
Max height: 33" (838.2mm)

The Heating Blanket is a 120-volt, 1200 watt AC electrical appliance, 60Hz. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

The Temperature Controller is 110-volt AC electrical appliance has a U.S. standard Type B plug with two flat parallel prongs and a grounding pin.

See why this is the next generation of side benders
From the complete system to temperature control to heating blankets, we've got you covered for all aspects of side bending.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm