Stainless Steel Straps for Acoustic Side Bending Machine

Stainless Steel Straps for Acoustic Side Bending Machine, Single
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Stainless Steel Straps for Acoustic Side Bending Machine, 3 Pack
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Stainless Steel Straps for Acoustic Side Bending Machine

A part of our Side Bending System, these straps are essential for getting a consistent bend. We've chosen the right material and size for smooth heat transfer and flexible support.

For accurate bending you need a heating blanket and steel bending straps to help focus the steam and transfer heat. They also help conduct the heat evenly across the length of the side. Even better, the stainless steels won't rust when working with steam. 

The ultra thin but strong 32 gauge stainless steel straps are extremely flexible, making it easy to conform to any curve or cutaway. The smooth surface also helps the pressure bars glide over the side for effortless bending. 

These straps are slightly longer than a typical guitar side, giving you the flexibility to build anything from 000 to J-45 and beyond. They're also longer than our Heating Blanket to make your "sandwich" of straps, blanket, and side easier to load and maneuver.


  • Extremely flexible to conform to any curve or cutaway
  • Custom thickness and width for consistent bends
  • Won't rust—essential when working with steam
  • 32 gauge stainless steel

36-1/2" x 6" x 0.010" (92cm x 15cm x 0.254mm)

Available individually or a package of 3.

Need the Heating Blanket too? Get the Heating Blanket + Straps Set or just the Heating Blanket.

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This professional Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System has EVERYTHING you need to start bending sides right out of the box. Not a home-built contraption that's been cobbled together, it's a robust luthier-designed machine. We've spent years refining it so you can spend your time building guitars, not jigs!

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From the complete system to temperature control to heating blankets, we've got you covered for all aspects of side bending.

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