Quick String Change + Refresh Set

Quick String Change + Refresh Set
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Quick String Change + Refresh Set, Double-Locking
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Quick String Change + Refresh Set

Turn a string change into a full tune-up.
When it's time to change strings, take the time to give your guitar the love and attention it deserves! If you spend just a few minutes caring for your guitar, it will play amazing now and you'll avoid problems down the road.

In this set you'll get our professional String Cutter to easily cut your strings right to the post, String Winder to tune up fast, ColorTone Fretboard Saver to quickly clean and protect your board, the String Stretcha to get strings in tune fast, and two Polishing Cloths to keep every part of your guitar clean.

We designed the String Cutter for heavy use in a professional guitar shop. The cutters are hardened steel, stay razor sharp, and cut through acoustic, electric, and bass strings like butter. One side of the jaws is ground flat, so you can get in close for precise trimming on any style of tuner.

The String Winder is three tools in one! It's fast, compact, and designed for professional use. You can use the winder by hand or with your drill for lightning fast restringing. The winder also has a notch for removing acoustic bridge pins—and it's small enough to fit in any case or gig bag.

The ColorTone Fretboard Saver is perfect for the occasional cleaning and conditioning your fretboard needs. Use it a few times a year when changing strings to remove dirt and keep the fingerboard feeling good and playing fast.

The String Stretcha is a tech-designed tool to get your strings ready to play in tune NOW, not days! The custom shaped tool gently stretches strings, getting rid of “settling in” time. Just 1-3 stretches per string, and you're ready to go!

The small microfiber Polishing Cloths have unlimited uses! You can use them dry for simple polishing, or use them with the ColorTone Fretboard Saver to deep clean your fingerboard. They are the perfect material and size for your instrument maintenance routine.

Have a double-locking tremolo?
We know your pain! There is nothing more frustrating and time consuming then changing strings on a floating double-locking tremolo. We've designed a set with the ShredNeck TremBlock for changing strings on all styles of Floyd Rose, Ibanez, and other double locking systems.

With the ShredNeck TremBlock you'll never dread changing strings again. This game-changer instantly holds a floating bridge in the perfect, solid position and dramatically cuts the time you'll spend getting the guitar ready to rock again. Now you can change strings and tune up just like you would on a fixed bridge.

Pro Tip! It's a great idea to use two cloths to clean your guitar—one for the finish and one for the hardware and strings. Chipped plating and small bits of metal, dirt, and gunk can get on your polishing cloths. You don't want to put a bunch of scratches on your guitar by using that cloth on your finish—always keep your cloths separate!

Tune your strings and tune up your entire guitar!

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