String Stretcha

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String Stretcha

Play in tune and stay in tune right after stringing up
New strings are great, but they take forever to stretch out and stay in tune! Nothing is worse than having to retune between EVERY song, or endlessly waiting for your new strings to settle in. The String Stretcha gets your guitar ready to play in tune instantly!

For new strings the "normal" fix is pulling, stretching, and bending the strings with your fingers, but that only goes so far. If you're in a busy shop doing dozens of re-strings a day, it takes a real toll on your hands.

Better than your hands?
We see a lot of new "game changing" devices, and always like to test them out. We can't deny it, we thought the String Stretcha was a little unnecessary at first. After all we've got by this far in our careers without one.

But, we gave these String Stretchas to our guys in R&D and they were surprised by how quickly they fell in love with them. They were hooked—it really made the job easier and did a much better job getting the strings to stay in tune.

Designed by techs and players
It's super simple to use. Just a few stretches per string, and you're ready to go! If you've got a floating tremolo, you'll love that you can play in tune NOW!

After you use it in your shop for a day, you'll wonder how you got by without it!

Spend more time playing and less time tuning!

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