Bridge Pin Hole Chamfer Tool

Bridge Pin Hole Chamfer Tool Item # 0459
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Bridge Pin Hole Chamfer Tool

A better way to countersink bridge pins! Here's a unique cutter we've designed to solve bridge countersinking problems.

It eliminates bit chatter, gives you precise, consistent control of the size and depth of cut, and keeps the bevel round, even on a curved bridge surface. You can use it with your hand drill, for cleaner, more professional results.

The Bridge Pin Hole Chamfer Tool gives you much better control than a standard countersink bit. The tool includes a steel pilot for new unreamed 3/16"-diameter bridge pin holes, and another for older bridges that have already been reamed. The pilot keeps the cutter spinning on center, eliminating chatter for a clean cut. An Allen-adjustable brass depth stop controls the cut of the tapered 4-fluted bit. Delrin® lining on the depth stop helps protect the surface of the bridge. When used in a hand drill, the depth stop keeps the cutter perpendicular to the bridge surface, so the countersunk bevel always remains round.

Our thanks to luthier Bryan Galloup for suggesting this great tool!

Instructions and Allen wrench included.
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