Go-bar Tip Protector

Go-bar Tip Protector, 3/16" Diameter
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Go-bar Tip Protector, 1/4" Diameter
1/4" Diameter Item # 103148 In stock, ready to ship!
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Go-bar Tip Protector

Protect your wood from dents and reduce slipping on every build! Made for our Go-bar Clamping Rod, these caps fit snugly on both ends for a stable and secure grip when gluing.

The rubber tip protectors grip and hold strong without slipping or denting braces, bridges, and tops. Whether you're working on a guitar, ukulele, or other instrument—they're an essential upgrade for your go-bar system. They also protect the ends of the bars from chipping and splitting over time.

They're included with our Go-bar Clamping Rods, and we keep extras on hand once they get worn. They're also a great upgrade if you're making your own rods. The 3/16" size fits our Regular Pressure Go-bar Clamping Rod, the 1/4" fits our Extra Pressure Go-bar Clamping Rod.


  • Protects wood from dents
  • Reduces slipping
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Choose 3/16" (4.7mm) or 1/4" (6.3mm) diameter

Sold individually. 

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm