The Intonator

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The Intonator

Easy way to get accurate intonation! The Intonator finds the correct location for placing the saddle on a flattop guitar bridge.

Dan Erlewine designed it to use before cutting the saddle slot in new bridges, or when you fill and reslot an existing saddle. The old method of placing dowels or pins under the strings isn't accurate because the strings pull the dowels out of position. This doesn't happen with The Intonator, because the solid brass bar anchors the adjustable brass saddles while you fine-tune them.

Each saddle includes concentric brass bushings to be added or removed for setting precise string heights. Simply turn each thumbscrew until the intonation is just right, then mark the saddle positions on the bridge. You now have accurate guides for routing for a new saddle, and you know the guitar will play in tune up and down the neck. You can test the intonation by playing the guitar while The Intonator is in place.

Concentric bushings build each saddle to the correct string height
Support bar is arched for the upper bridge surface
String intonation is precisely tuned with thumbscrews
California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm