StewMac Safe Slot Nut Guard

StewMac Safe Slot Nut Guard, Complete Set
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StewMac Safe Slot Nut Guard

Stop your file before the slot’s too deep!

Cutting string slots is delicate: if you cut one slot a little too low, you've blown the nut and have to start over. StewMac's own Don MacRostie devised the Safe Slot™ to make accurate nut slotting fast and fumble-free. He shows us how it's done in the video!

A trick the pros use:
Stack feeler gauges against the nut to set your slot depth. When the slotting saw touches the feeler gauges, you've hit your depth. The Safe Slot Nut Guard holds the feeler gauges tightly against the nut, and curved to the radius of your fingerboard. This leaves both hands free for filing. You're able to work faster without worrying about cutting too deep.

  • Holds multiple feeler gauges
  • Pulls gauges tight to match fretboard radius
  • Locks in place against the nut. No slipping!

Perfect string spacing without math
For good playing feel, don't use equal spaces between the strings. Wound strings are thicker, so they need more space than thinner treble strings. In fact, every string space needs to be a little different to feel right in the player's hand.

This set includes tapered wedges for both electric and acoustic guitars to mark out your trim line and a slim version of our String Spacing Rule to show where to put your string slots. Slide it into the Safe Slot, same as a feeler gauge, and see exactly where each string belongs. No measuring, dividing or calculating. Replace the rule with your feeler gauges and you're ready to cut nut slots. Thanks to luthier Ron Baran for the idea of adding this slim spacing rule to the set.

The Safe Slot's felt-padded caul adapts to most neck shapes, and any fingerboard width up to 2-1/16".

    Safe Slot Nut Guard Complete Set includes:
  • Safe Slot Nut Guard
  • Electric and acoustic wedges for trimming the nut top
  • String Spacing Rule to locate nut slots
  • Feeler Gauge Set (size 6" x 1/2")
  • includes 11 thicknesses:
    .016" .022" .028" .034"
    .018" .024" .030" .040"
    .020" .026" .032"
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