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StewMac Acoustic Bridge Tools, Complete Set

StewMac Acoustic Bridge Tools, Complete Set

StewMac Acoustic Bridge Tools, Complete Set

StewMac Acoustic Bridge Tools, Complete Set

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StewMac Bridge Clamp Caul StewMac Bridge Clamp Caul

StewMac Bridge Clamp Caul

Item # 4629
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StewMac 3-In-1 Bridge Caul StewMac 3-In-1 Bridge Caul

StewMac 3-In-1 Bridge Caul

Item # 4765
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StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel Chisel


Item # 1630
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StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel Top Support Dolly

Top Support Dolly

Item # 1632
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StewMac Acoustic Bridge Tools, Complete Set

About This Item

Pro tools for better bridge repairs
For removing bridge plates, installing bridge plates and installing bridges on acoustic guitars. These tools make difficult bridge repairs easier and more profitable for professional shops.

Heat out an old bridge plate
Heat the 3-in-1 Caul to soften the glue holding the bridge plate. The caul fits over the plate, between the guitar's x-braces. Machine screws through the bridge pin holes keep it in position while the heat releases the glue. Work the bridge plate out using the Bridge Plate Chisel backed up by the Top Support Dolly. See our Acoustic Bridge Tools Instructions for details.

Install a new bridge plate
The 3-in-1 Caul is a perfectly shaped for gluing a new bridge plate. It covers the plate with a strong, uniform pressure. Machine screws through the bridge pin holes draw the caul firmly up against plate — no clamp needed. The included hex wrench tightens the caul in place.

Glue an acoustic bridge
The Bridge Clamping Caul evenly distributes clamping pressure across the acoustic bridge, working with one clamp or multiple clamps, like our Large Swivel Handle Clamp. The caul's shaped, padded underside conforms to the contours of most bridges. Add extra pressure at the bridge ends with the caul's built-in wing clamps. The 3-in-1 caul distributes the clamping pressure inside the guitar, and adjustable thumbwheels provide support at the ends of the bridge. Together, these cauls provide ideal contact above and below the bridge while gluing.

    Specifications, 3-in-1 Caul
  • Size: 6.5" x 2" (165mm x 50mm)
  • Shaped to fit X-braces; works on other bracing patterns too
  • Machine screws and adjustment wrench included
  • Drilled and tapped for a wide variety of bridge placements
  • Removable handle for handling while heated
  • Also sold separately
    Specifications, Bridge Clamping Caul
  • Size: 5-7/8" x 1-1/4" (149mm x 32mm)
  • Solid aluminum
  • Rubber pads are non-reactive with instrument finishes
  • Two hex wrenches included for wing clamps and index screws
  • Also sold separately
    Specifications, Bridge Plate Chisel and Top Support Dolly
  • 1" wide hardened steel chisel
  • 3" wide non-scratch polyethylene dolly
  • Comfortable grips on both tools
  • Also sold separately

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Product Instructions

StewMac Acoustic Bridge Tools Instructions

These tools make difficult bridge repairs easier and more profitable.

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Perhaps a bit over thought


Verified Buyer

I'm a big StewMac fan. Quality tools and great service.

This got the job done but, before the job was over, I found myself avoiding it. I found it overly complex and cumbersome.

The interior caul can be heated and applied to a bridge plate but it's hard to maneuver and getting it clamped when hot was about impossible - I wound up inverting the guitar instead. A blanket would be better IMO. Mine was a simple job - removing a misplaced plate patch that was attached with HHG. It softened the glue but if I hadn't been able to push it off from the top I don't think I'd have gotten it.

The combined height of the plate caul and the bridge caul is more than most of my clamps can handle. They're heavy and hard to manage so I built a caul from wood and used rubber-backed clamping pads directly on the bridge. Less height, more direct and maneuverable. And faster. I just didn't have that much time - I used HHG. It's nice that the plate caul tries to address the different bracing geometries we encounter. But, in my experience, when you need to span braces you need to purpose-build the caul anyway.

I think this is going back.


I Don't Need This!


Verified Buyer

Bridge blocks are dangerous to play with just because of the possibility of collateral damage to tops, braces, or electronics. I have, as we all have, made many tools to attack many repairs. These are a few more. They will not do everything, but if they save a few minutes or give me even a minute while using hot glue then they are worth the price. The Bridge Plate heat/ glue caul is a time saver of note for many instruments. I really like it after only two uses. The discount on the kit price was too good to pass up. Now most of the bridge repair/ installation tools are in one place.


Best Bridge Gluing Jig!


Verified Buyer

The interior support caul is way more solid than my old wooden ones, and stays in place nicely with the supplied screws. The adjustable under-the-wing supports work great and are a really smart way of accommodating different top contours. The external bridge caul is extremely solid and when used with the interior caul allows for even, more than adequate, clamping pressure for a real tight glue joint.

As a small tweak, I put a convex, spherical radius on the interior caul to match the concave radius I apply to the bottoms of bridges before I glue them. This helps restore the top curvature which is usually pretty distorted by the time a guitar needs its bridge reglued. You’d probably need a StewMac radius dish to do that.

The exterior caul is really solid and fits most belly and reverse belly bridges, like those found on most Martins, Gibsons, Guilds.,Takamines, etc. – pretty much 80% or so of the bridges I need to reglue.

I’d recommend this kit for any shop that glues or reglues bridges, as it looks like it would be an improvement to just about any shop-made solutions I’ve seen.