Bending Iron

Bending Iron, Domestic, 120-volt
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Bending Iron, International, 220-volt
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Bending Iron, Mandolin/Violin Side Bending Extension
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Bending Iron

Variable temperature and versatile bending radii. Here's a well-made iron that's ideal for bending wet or steamed sidewood in the small shop.

Crafted from 6-1/4" long cast aluminum, it features variable temperature control and a versatile shape allowing a wide variety of bending radii. For bending the tight curved sides of a mandolin or violin, screw on our unique #0688 Mandolin/Violin Side Bending Extension. The sturdy wooden base can be clamped to your workbench horizontally or vertically.

Heating the iron: The Bending Iron's highest temperature is approximately 500°F. However, in most cases you won't need the iron to be this hot. Between 350° and 400° is ideal for bending most woods. To reach this temperature, set the dial to 6 and allow 45-60 minutes for the iron to heat up.

Gauge the temperature: it's important to use a quality Surface Thermometer placed directly on the aluminum to monitor the iron's temperature. Laser temperature guns don't work well because of how their infrared energy reflects off of the aluminum iron, and we've also found that food thermometers don't give an accurate reading.

Bending wood: Successful bending requires practice! We recommend using stainless steel Side Bending Straps to support wood sides during bending. We offer inexpensive practice wood and free instructions to help you get started.

#0689 Domestic model is a 120-volt (200 watt) AC electrical appliance. It has a U.S. standard Type B plug with two flat parallel prongs and a grounding pin.

#4049 International model is a 220-volt (200 watt) AC electrical appliance has international plug CEE 7/7 (compatible with Type E and F receptacles) with two round prongs and two grounding clips on the sides and female contact to accept the grounding pin.

California Proposition 65 Warning
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