ColorTone Polishing Compounds

ColorTone Polishing Compounds, Medium, 4-oz. bottle
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ColorTone Polishing Compounds, Fine 4-oz. bottle
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ColorTone Polishing Compounds, Swirl Remover, 4-oz. bottle
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ColorTone Polishing Compounds, Set of 3
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ColorTone Polishing Compounds

The final step for a beautiful finish.
A customer described it best: ColorTone® polishing compounds make the magic happen! Used by hand with a soft cloth or with foam rotary polishing pads, they transform a fine-sanded new finish into a dazzling high-gloss surface you can be proud of. ColorTone compounds remove fine sanding scratches on instrument finishes and plastic pickguards, with no silicone residue to hamper future refinishing.

If final sanding is done with 1200-grit, start with Medium compound. Fine compound follows Medium when a super-high gloss is desired.

Swirl Remover applied with a foam rotary pad removes buffing marks and extremely fine sanding scratches on fresh finishes. It can also be used by hand to bring out a higher lustre on new or aged finishes.

ColorTone® is a registered trademark of Stewart-MacDonald Manufacturing Company, Inc.
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