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ColorTone Power Polishing Set

ColorTone Power Polishing Set

ColorTone Power Polishing Set

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ColorTone Power Polishing Set

About This Item

No buffer? No problem!
It's easy to get a factory quality shine with just your hand drill at home. We've put together the right set of abrasives, ColorTone polishing compounds, and foam pads so you'll get a fine, high gloss finish with ease.

This set is the perfect way to get a gloss finish in your home workshop. With our top rated ColorTone Polishing Compounds and luthier tested abrasives, you can easily get a shine that will rival any custom shop. The convenient size is just right if you are building one or two instruments. We've taken the frustration out of getting a flawless finish!

The ColorTone Power Polishing Set includes:

ColorTone Polishing Compound - set of 3 Also sold separately
Our ColorTone polishes made exclusively for instrument finishes. The set includes Medium and Fine Polish, and Swirl Remover. Used in succession, you'll get a super high factory gloss. The Swirl Remover is the final touch to bring out the shine. Each bottle is 4 ounces.

Micro Finishing Papers Also sold separately
These finishing papers make sanding easy. The ultra-fine abrasives are graded on the P-scale, which means the particles are all the same shape and size, making it easy to get a consistent, level, and high gloss shine. The sheets are designed for wet sanding so you'll get a flawless smooth surface to buff. This set includes 9 sheets, 3 of each grit: 800, 1000, and 1200 grit.

Foam Polishing Pads - set of 3 Also sold separately
Turn your drill into a professional buffer! These pads are perfect for applying polishing compounds. They're super easy to use with your hand drill, and can even be used in your drill press. The gentle polishing action helps avoid swirl marks, fine scratches, and burn-through, leaving a beautiful mirror-gloss surface. Use a separate pad for each grade of compound. Set includes 3 large, 5-1/2" diameter pads.

Polishing Cloths - set of 3 Also sold separately
These are the same polishing cloths we use in our shops. The soft, all-cotton flannel cloths let you buff really tight spaces like cutaways. Use a separate cloth for each polishing compound–we’ve included one 12” x 14” cloth for each.

Don't have a hand drill? We have a Hand Polishing Set so you can get a high gloss finish without any equipment.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Product Instructions

Micro Finishing Papers

Micro finishing papers cut more quickly and smoothly than other finishing papers, leaving no scratches when used properly.

ColorTone Polishing Compound Instructions

Directions for using ColorTone Polishing Compounds and Swirl Remover.

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Excellent Results


Verified Buyer

I used this set to buff out a black, water based finish with excellent results. I used the pads in a drill press and started with the coating wet sanded flat with 1200 grit paper. Looks factory fresh! This is the first guitar I've redone but I've previous experience with automotive applications.


Great product


Verified Buyer

Great product, but the water base can we tricky when you get to the swirl remover. It throws a lot of drops due to how thin it is, and that can rest on the finish and cause raised spots on water based finishes. It’s a great, high quality product. You just have to be tedious when using it.




Verified Buyer

Very pleased wiyh the quality and function of all of these products .