Groove Tubes GT-6V6 Slovakian Power Tube

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Groove Tubes GT-6V6 Slovakian Power Tube

Get more growl from your amp! These high quality 6V6 tubes are ideal for lower wattage amps, bringing out clear harmonics and a full bass response. These tubes distort at a lower level, bringing you a rich sounding distortion without getting too many complaints from the neighbors.

From Fender: "The 6V6 is a low-output power tube (12-18 watts) often used in Fender amplifiers, including the Champ, Deluxe, Dual Professional, Vibro-King, Princeton, Vibrolux and others. It has a very warm, round and soft response with rich harmonics, and distorts easily. One of the best choices ever produced for rehearsal and recording amplifiers."

About Groove Tubes
Founded by Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes has long been a supplier of quality tubes. Each tube is certified for superior function, low noise, and build quality. Groove Tubes are installed as standard equipment in Fender amps direct from the factory. If you want consistent and quality performance from your amp, choose Groove Tubes.

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