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  • Strap Stoppers - 4 Pack

    Strap Stoppers - 4 Pack

    The simplest, easiest strap lock. Nothing to install.
    These stretchy rubber discs keep any strap from slipping off. They're like the cap gaskets found on Grolsch beer bottles, but ideally sized for strap buttons.

    from $4.64
  • Peghead Overlay Veneer

    Peghead Overlay Veneer

    The peghead overlay is the face of your stringed instrument: the finishing touch of quality. Our veneers are large enough for guitar, banjo or mandolin.

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StewMac has lovingly recreated this timeless amplifier in our '57 Mini Tweed 5W Amp Kit.  This is one of our Icon Kits: loving reproductions of vintage classics.

Every time that red jewel light illuminates, and you hear that crackle as

    '57 Mini Tweed 5W Amp Kit

    One-knob titan of tone
    This amp is a timeless studio darling whose tiny size hides tremendous punch and versatility. The 5F1 circuit was originally meant to be a student amp but wasn’t kid stuff for long; rock’s finest guitarists hauled it off to their studios and recorded some of the greatest songs ever recorded. Clapton recorded "Layla" on it. Joe Walsh used it "Rocky Mountain Way" and it was one of Keith Richards’ favorite recording amps.

    $550.00SAVE $149.00
  • '59 Tweed 15W Amp Kit

    '59 Tweed 15W Amp Kit

    The dirty little devil that shaped guitar history
    With mysteriously fat saturated tone, this little monster makes it easy to achieve seismic distortion.

    $765.00SAVE $134.00
  • SnufferStick High Voltage Discharge Stick

    SnufferStick High Voltage Discharge Stick

    Safely discharge high voltage when working on amps
    Clip the SnufferStick to the chassis for ground, and then hold the tip to your filter caps to discharge dangerous high voltage present when you turn off your amp.