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StewMac offers the widest range of high quality products for building and repairing stringed instruments. For half a century, our 100% guarantee has built trust with our customers. They depend on us for friendly, accurate help with all questions about lutherie.

Shop the most popular brands of guitar parts and hardware, pickups and electronics, luthier tools, and more. StewMac is your #1 source for guitar repair, hot rodding, building, and modifying guitars and stringed instruments!

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  • Golden Age Lightning Bolt Wraparound Bridge

    Golden Age Lightning Bolt Wraparound Bridge

    Vintage tone with modern improvements
    Get the sweet sustain and tone you love from a wraparound bridge with none of the headaches.

    from $16.80Buy more and save!
  • StewMac Beanie

    StewMac Beanie

    Keep warm on the stage or on the road
    The StewMac Beanie will keep you comfortable no matter where your passion takes you.

    $12.99MIX + SAVE
  • StewMac Knit Cap

    StewMac Knit Cap

    Keep the gig going with this winter essential
    When the temperature drops, the StewMac Knit Cap will keep you warm for the whole show.

    $15.99MIX + SAVE
  • StewMac Cadet Cap

    StewMac Cadet Cap

    Tired of the run of the mill cap?
    The StewMac Cadet Cap is comfortable, looks great, and shows the world you love the craft.

    $17.99MIX + SAVE
  • StewMac Baseball Cap

    StewMac Baseball Cap

    The hat you'll wear everywhere
    When you're working hard in the shop or at a music festival, the StewMac Baseball Cap will keep the sweat off your brow and the sun out of your eyes.

    $15.99MIX + SAVE