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  • Celluloid Guitar Trim Blanks

    Celluloid Guitar Trim Blanks

    Get the complete look! Perfect match for our celluloid binding
    No need to settle for a color or pattern that doesn't look quite right! These celluloid trim blanks match the color and pattern of our bindings perfectly.

  • StewMac Play, Mod, Fix T-Shirt

    StewMac Play, Mod, Fix T-Shirt

    Like your favorite song—it feels just right
    We took our time finding the best shirt in the world. We didn't just want to throw our name on any old shirt, it had to be just as good as the tools we sell. More than anything, it had to be comfortable.

  • StewMac Original 1968 T-Shirt

    StewMac Original 1968 T-Shirt

    Familiar as your favorite guitar
    We know, we're slow to the whole "merch" game. But honestly, anyone can slap their name on a cheap novelty t-shirt. And as you know… that's not the way we roll. We appreciate quality and we know you do too.

  • StewMac Pocket Stand

    StewMac Pocket Stand

    Never break a headstock again!
    Have you had the terror of a headstock break when your guitar slipped? How many times have you gone to a jam or gig and found no safe place to rest your guitar between sets? Tired of dents and dings on the back of your guitar's neck?

  • Bleached Bone Saddle Blank for Ukulele

    Bleached Bone Saddle Blank for Ukulele

    Get better tone from your ukulele
    This ukulele saddle is made of bleached bone, beautifully uniform and ready to fit and shape. A bone saddle will resist string wear and greatly improve your tone over plastic.

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