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  • Peghead Overlay Veneer

    Peghead Overlay Veneer

    The peghead overlay is the face of your stringed instrument: the finishing touch of quality. Our veneers are large enough for guitar, banjo or mandolin.

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  • Hot Rod Low Profile 2-Way Truss Rod

    Hot Rod Low Profile 2-Way Truss Rod

    Easy to install in guitars, banjos and basses! Great for thinner necks that need a shallow truss rod depth. These strong, 2-way adjustable rods correct both upbow and backbow.

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  • ColorTone Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer

    ColorTone Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer

    ColorTone is specially formulated for the needs of stringed instruments. It's a hard, durable finish that's more flexible than standard furniture lacquer, allowing for the natural expansion and contraction that occurs when a guitar is exposed to humidity and temperature changes.

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  • ColorTone Vinyl Sealer

    ColorTone Vinyl Sealer

    Create a barrier between wood and lacquer
    ColorTone Vinyl Sealer locks in stain and grain filler, creating a clear barrier so successive topcoats won't melt into the material below. Specially formulated for stringed instruments, sealer can be applied over raw, stained, and grain-filled wood.

  • Unslotted Fingerboard for Guitar

    Unslotted Fingerboard for Guitar

    As you probably know, in recent years the availability of high quality, old-school, style fingerboards—the kind players have come to expect on their guitars—have been harder and harder to find.

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