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  • 335-Style Electric Guitar Kit

    335-Style Electric Guitar Kit

    If you only had one guitar...
    ...a 335 can do anything!

    $449.99SAVE $50.00
  • G-Style Electric Guitar Kit

    G-Style Electric Guitar Kit

    The premier hard rock guitar!
    Put your horns up! From the smoky clubs of Birmingham to the stadiums of Sydney nothing is more hard rock than the G-Style guitar. The aggressive tone, easy playability, and instantly familiar look has never been equaled. The G-Style's mahogany body gives the ideal foundation for finding your perfect hard rock and heavy metal tone. Now you can build this rock machine!

    $299.99SAVE $60.00
  • Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit

    Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit

    One cutaway, one pickup, limitless rock tone!
    You know the sound. One big chord thundering from the stadium stage: ragged, loud, ROCK! The Single-Cut Jr has pure, classic, honest tone. No frills, nothing more than just what you need to get excited to play.

    $299.99SAVE $60.00
  • StewMac Cryowire Fretwire

    StewMac Cryowire Fretwire

    Cryowire: Tougher frets without the stress
    Frets that last longer and play better, without extra work.

    There have been many advances in fretwire over the last decade, but new materials have been tougher to work with, wear tools faster, or don't have the traditional look you and your customers want.

    We wanted to see how we could make traditional fret material better. We found that cryogenic, or deep freezing treatment, has been used in countless industries to make metal parts tougher and more durable.

    from $5.10MIX + SAVE
  • Honduran Mahogany Body Blank

    Honduran Mahogany Body Blank

    Fantastic mahogany at an even more fantastic price
    Every once in a while a deal comes together that you just can't say no to. This is one of them. We've secured a stash of high quality, one and two-piece (center-joined), "second-grade" Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) body blanks. However, don't let that "second-grade" throw you. These blanks are extremely nice. While yes, a few very small pin knots and other blemishes are present, they are remarkably light-weight and many have strong ribbon figure or even flame.

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