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Where to cut the saddle slot on this guitar bridge?

Issue 270 September 08, 2016

Time to install a saddle in this bridge. Where exactly to put it? Salvaging this original Gibson bridge required filling the saddle slot. You can’t assume the original factory placement was correct. Dan Erlewine shows how he located this saddle.
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About the guitar in this video: This 1942 Gibson LG-2 is all mahogany. It's often called a "banner" model because of the peghead decal: a banner reading "Only A Gibson Is Good Enough."

Music: Thanks to our friend, Dakota Dave Hull for the music!

blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkThis old, original bridge was actually split in two
  • checkmarkAn unusually low, thin example of a Gibson bridge
  • checkmarkUsing the Intonator to locate the saddle position
  • checkmarkAdded complication from low-profile thinness of this bridge

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