Waterslide decal to repair a guitar finish!

youtube l33MhM7z7ic

Issue 272 October 06, 2016

Chelsea Clark shows Dan Erlewine a clever trick: turning our aerosol guitar finish into a waterslide decal. This makes a great spot repair on this 25-year-old StewMac Dreadnought.

About the guitar in this video: This guitar was built from our StewMac Dreadnought Kit 25 years ago.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • Drilling and plugging a hole in an ivoroid heel cap
  • Yellowing a patch of new binding to match the old binding around it
  • A neat trick: spraying a custom-color decal to match any color
  • Blending two aerosol cans to get an in-between color

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