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Joe Bonamassa sound check: backstage tips

Issue 249 September 24, 2015

Dan Erlewine visits backstage with the great blues guitarist, Joe Bonamassa and his highly experienced tech, Mike Hickey. Joe talks guitars with Dan, and Mike shares two guitar setup tips.
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About the guitars in this video: Joe talks about his 1959 Les Paul named “Snakebite,” and Mike restrings the original “Lucy,” the Flying V Dan built for Albert King in 1972.

blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkJoe Bonamassa talks about playing-in a guitar that’s been refretted
  • checkmarkMike Hickey’s quick restringing method
  • checkmarkMike talks about top-wrapping the tailpiece on Joe’s “Snakebite” Les Paul
  • checkmarkDan measures the action on Joe’s guitars

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