D'Addario Core: Guitar Tuning Tips

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Rob Cunningham: So I'm here today with Doug Redler, the author of The Guitarist Guide to Maintenance and Repair and also the guitar tech to a couple pretty big stars.

Doug Redler: Big stars, yeah.

Rob Cunningham: Rich Robinson and The Black Crowes, Slash.

Doug Redler: Yes, sir. You know I'm a guitar tech and I spend my entire life tuning instruments. And the tuner is my bread and butter. I rely on it for everything and I really like this D'Addario headstock tuner. So maybe give us a few tips about tuning and tell us about this tuner.

The D'Addario headstock tuner

Rob Cunningham: Sure. This tuner is super easy to use, as easy as clipping it onto the headstock. When you open it up, it automatically turns on and all you want to do, you want to hit the string that you want to tune, it'll display the note, and if it shows a couple of lines to the left, that means the note is flat and you have to tune up. If it shows a couple lines to the right of the note, that means you're sharp and you got to tune down. It's as easy as tuning right towards the center so that the note is perfectly framed between two lines and the display will actually turn green to let you know that you're perfectly in tune. You could be at a loud concert and it's only going to pick up the vibrations from the guitar that it's clipped onto.

Doug Redler: It's really amazing. I love it. Thanks for explaining.

Rob Cunningham: You got it.



Rob Cunningham

D'Addario Brand Manager