Guitarist's Guide to Maintenance and Repair

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Guitarist's Guide to Maintenance and Repair

By Doug Redler and Dave Rubin
Concise manual of basic tips for keeping your guitar and amp in top condition. Co-written by a veteran road tech.

Maintain your guitar and amp like a pro, with this concise manual of tips from a veteran guitar tech. Doug Redler earned his cred with big name bands: Dixie Chicks, B-52s, Paul Simon, Black Crowes and Peter Gabriel, among others. He offers valuable practical advice from years on the road:

  • Recommended basic tools
  • Stringing technique
  • Action, intonation and pickup adjustment
  • Bass guitar setup
  • Humidification of acoustic instruments
  • Troubleshooting and repairs on the road
  • Testing for blown and out-of-phase speakers
  • Replacing amp tubes
  • Proper grounding of sound equipment

50 pages, softcover.

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