StewMac Precision Double Squares

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Dan Erlewine demonstrates all the different uses of StewMac's Precision Double Squares. They're the right tool for accurately laying out bracing patterns, locating center lines, checking the depth and fit of binding channels and neck pockets, setting up bridges and saddles, and MUCH more.

Video Transcription

Dan Erlewine: Here's a double square. It's like a machinist square with a sliding blade that locks in place, locks tightly anywhere along the scale, with no wiggle, and gives very accurate measurements. It's useful in the shop every day.

Different uses for the Precision Double Square

You can check a dimension like this, say the width of this part of a guitar bridge that I'm going to replace, and carry it over to the bridge blank. You can use it as a plunge gauge to measure vertical depth like a saddle slot, or the height of a bridge.

Here I'm measuring in 64ths. The other side of the blade measures in eights or sixteenths, which I sometimes use instead of super fine increments, just to get in the ballpark.

Use a double square to measure vertical heights like the cut of a table saw or router bit. Use it like this to mark a line down an edge, or find a center line.

The StewMac Double Square comes in a 6 inch and 4 inch size, and also in metric versions 115 and 100 millimeter.



Dan Erlewine

Guitar Repairman and Builder

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