StewMac Precision Double Square

StewMac Precision Double Square, 4" Rule
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StewMac Precision Double Square, 6" Rule
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StewMac Precision Double Square, 100mm Rule
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StewMac Precision Double Square, 150mm Rule
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StewMac Precision Double Square

When close enough isn't good enough
When you're working on guitars, you need to be precise. With the Precision Double Square, you can finally set up all your tools with the accuracy you need.

Critical tasks like setting up your drill press, table saw, and checking squareness are made simple with this accurate, compact tool. The adjustability and etched graduations let you check squareness and height/depth at the same time. If you make your living working on instruments, your customers are relying on (and paying for) your accuracy.

Unlimited uses in the shop
This handy double square is for more than just setting up power tools. We've found hundreds of jobs for this problem-solving square: laying out bracing patterns, locating center lines, checking the depth and fit of binding channels and neck pockets, setting up bridges and saddles, and more.

    Precision you can trust
  • Fully adjustable with locking screw
  • Rule is hardened and tempered steel
  • Satin finish with easy to see graduations
  • Graduations engraved on both sides

Each rule has ultra-fine graduations:
The SAE version shows 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, and 64ths. The metric version shows millimeters and 0.5 millimeters.

    Available with four different rule lengths:
  • 4" SAE rule
  • 6" SAE rule
  • 100mm rule
  • 150mm rule

Rule is 0.725" (18.4mm) wide and 0.075" (1.9mm) thick.
Square body is 2.39" x 1" x 0.46" (60.7mm x 25.4mm x 11.6mm)

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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