StewMac Plunge Router Base for Dremel

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Perfect for inlays, routing saddle slots, cleaning fret slots and more. Our sturdy base turns your Dremel into a compact plunge router! The advanced design gives an unobstructed view of the cutting action.

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Turn your Dremel into a precision router

Dan Erlewine: Our Plunge Router Base will turn your regular Dremel tool into an accurate, guitar sized precision router. It's great for doing inlay work. It's great for cutting saddle slots. I can cut a saddle slot or clean one out three times faster than ever before. And during fret work, when you're cleaning out glue for a re-fret, having the ability to plunge and come back out is a real bonus.

How it works

So here's how it works and why it's so cool. Let's say I want to route a pocket for this Les Paul style crown inlay, okay. Here's how I'll do it. Loosen the knobs and plunge until it hits the wood. Now you're zeroed out. Set your piece of pearl inlay in there and loosen this knob. The plunger comes down and hits the pearl and that's the measurement that you'll cut now, the thickness of the pearl. Let's say you're in a really hard wood that you don't want to plunge that deep at once, use the little neural thumb screw on the top and you'll see a pin come out. See it coming out? This is your secondary adjustment. This will let you go down by degree. Maybe I'll just go halfway down. You want to see it?

That's easy. I'm going to go ahead and plunge all the way down to that full depth. The plunge base also attaches to our sound hole rosette routing jig to allow very precise control when installing your rosette. Using the Dremel Tool for work like this has never been easier.



Dan Erlewine

Guitar Repairman and Builder

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