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Paul demonstrates how to quickly create a pro style compact guitar repair workstation by combining 4 great ideas into a single unit. The Erlewine ShopStand, Guitar Repair Vise, StewMac Body Board and Guitar Vise Tool Table. All of these components easily come together to create the perfect guitar repair workstation. Highly versatile and only takes up as much floor space as the guitar you're working on.

Video Transcription

Paul Lampley: You don't need space for a big workbench to have a great setup for working on guitars. Three great ideas come together to make this a compact workstation for repairs and setups.

Erlewine ShopStand

The first idea comes from Dan Erlewine's guitar shop. Dan came up with the Erlewine ShopStand [on-screen text reads: for wood or concrete]. Using just a tiny patch of floor space, it's rock solid, raises and lowers, and rotates 360 degrees. Attached to the ShopStand is the Guitar Repair Vice which has wooden jaws lined with urethane, which holds the guitar tight but gently.

StewMac Body Board

The next idea is under the vice. This Body Board supports the guitar body. It has a padded, adjustable riser, that the guitar body rests on. Our original Body Board was actually suggested by a StewMac customer in one of our trade secret shop stories. We've improved it to include these tool holders and these parts trays. They can hold tools for fretwork or setups, installing pickups or electronics repairs, whatever you need it to.

Guitar Vise Tool Table

The third idea is this tool table, which mounts to the rails of the vice. This holds tools really close to the peghead. You can hold your truss router wrenches, net slotting files, net shaping files. It's really nice to have tools this close within reach. It also has a nice little 1" inch repair magnet underneath, to hold your string action gauge or rule or whatever tools or parts you need under there.

These components together are StewMac's Guitar Workstation. It takes only as much floor space as the guitar you're working on, but it's solid and versatile enough that it's used in professional shops.



D. Paul Lampley II

StewMac Technical Advisor

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