StewMac Body Board

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Paul shows us all of the useful features of the new and improved StewMac Body Board. It's an ingenious way to get your guitar up and away from all the clutter on your workbench. It includes built-in parts trays and holsters for your tools.

The riser is adjustable horizontally and vertically so it fits any guitar and has a felt pad to protect your guitar's finish. You can also mount the body board to a shop stand to create a rock solid and really compact professional workstation.

It's great for fret work, bridge work and finish touch ups and just about any job in your shop.

Video Transcription

Paul Lampley: My bench is always covered with tools and parts. I need all this stuff for the repair I'm doing, but it's in my way, and any one of these things could scratch your guitar, so I really like this idea. This is the StewMac Body Board. It's a simple way to get your guitar up and away from all that clutter on your bench, and you can put it at any angle. That's great when you're doing fret work, bridge work, structural repair, finish touch up. There's a lot of reasons why you'd want to get to your guitar from both sides of it, and you just can't get that with the traditional workbench.

The tools I'm using the most, I put them right there where I need them. This riser has a felt pad on it to protect the finish and it adjusts up and down depending on what you're working on. Right now I have it set up high for the solid body, but if I were working on an acoustic guitar, I would set it down low. The slot lets you adjust how far the riser is from the vice. You can kick it all the way out here for instruments like long scale basses or move it all the way in for smaller instruments like mandolins or ukuleles.

This Body Board has parts trays built in and holes for tools. Our first version didn't have those features. You can mount the bodyboard on top of the bench like I have here, or you can mount it below so you can pull it out of the way when you don't need it. When you mount the bodyboard to an Erlewine ShopStand, you get a really compact workstation. It's height adjustable and rotates on a ball bearing so you can turn the work at any angle. This thing is rock solid and hardly takes up any floor space at all.



Dan Erlewine

Guitar Repairman and Builder

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