Guitar Shop Starter Kit

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Set up your own guitar repair shop -- and get a great head start with this kit.

Video Transcription

Erick Coleman: I remember making my first big StewMac purchase and being a little overwhelmed by all my options. There's a lot of tools in the catalog. Inevitably I forgot to order some of the most important tools, as well as ordered some stuff I didn't yet need. We put this set together for those who are outfitting their first shop. Our three favorite tool kits wrapped up in one package.

What the guitar shop starter kit includes

The Basic Setup Kit includes an 18 inch straight edge for checking necks for overall straightness, and the under stringing radius gauge set for checking the match of the fret board and the bridge radii. The string action gauge is perfect for checking string action anywhere on the neck, as well as pickup height, bridge post height, et cetera. The startup set also includes our Essential Nut Making Kit, you get our shaping files, nut and saddle vice, and string spacing rule, along with a gauge saw, feeler gauges, and four different nut files to dial them into the proper depth and size. You also get the Essential Fretting Kit, which includes our dead blow fretting hammer, fret rocker, to make sure your frets are properly seated, and a six inch fret file for leveling and beveling, as well as our fret cutters, and dressing file, a double edge crowning file, and a dressing stick. We also throw in our fretting guide and digital calipers for free.

The tools you need for setups, making string nuts and saddles, and fret work all in one package. This kid is also perfect for luthiery students. I wish it was around when I was getting started.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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