Freehand Holder for guitar finishing

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Erick Coleman demos the Freehand Holder for spraying bodies and necks.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Erick Coleman - Stewart MacDonald]

Erick Coleman: This is the Freehand Holder for spraying guitar bodies and necks. Holding a guitar for spray finishing can be tough. I used to bolt my instruments to this homemade handle, turning it in one hand while I sprayed with the other. Occasionally, I'd hang it from the ceiling, but I still couldn't get good coverage. Eventually, my arm would get tired and I'd have a bad finish. These days, I use the Freehand Holder. It's a lot easier, it's faster, and I'm spraying better finishes too. That's because it holds the guitar at a good working height, and the hand wheel lets me rotate the work while I spray. That makes it easy to spray an even finish over the entire instrument. It holds solid bodies and acoustics, and it also holds necks for spraying too. I use the holder in a vice on my shop stand. This allows for a 360 degree rotation. It gives me a clear shot at every surface from every angle. The freehand gives me better finishes because I don't have to hold the guitar while I'm spraying it. This makes it faster and easier to get the job done right.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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