6 Great Gifts for Guitar Players

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Have a guitar player you need a gift for, but have no idea what to get them? No worries, we've got you covered. Here are 6 great gift ideas that every guitar player—from newbie to pro—is sure to love.

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Jim: Hey guys, Jim from StewMac here. Today we're going to talk about a very real problem, you've got a guitar geek in your life, you want to get them a gift, and you're not sure what to get them. Well today we're going to show you six gift ideas, things that they'll need, things that they'll definitely use, and things that they probably don't have, so let's go take a look.

Action Adjustment Set for Electric Guitar

StewMac is offering three different kits to solve problems that most every guitarist has. The first kit is the Action Adjustment Set for Electric Guitar. The StewMac tools are second to none in terms of accuracy. This will help your guitar player get their electric guitar playing great in no time. You will get the Understring Radius Gauges to help you determine the radius of your fingerboard and set the radius on your bridge saddle; the String Action Gauge, which will help you set the action; and then also the Pickup Height Gauges, which help you to set the height and balance of your pickups.

Rough Fret Smooth + Shine Set

The second set is the Rough Fret Smooth + Shine Set. Most guitarists, over time, are going to experience the problem of having their fret ends stick out past the edges of their fingerboard. What this set does is it takes those fret ends back into the fingerboard and it lets you polish your frets up to a nice, shiny, glossy mirror-like finish. You've got your Fret End Dressing File; your Micro-Mesh Touch Up Stick; your Micro-Mesh Polishing Pads; and your Fingerboard Guards that will surround the fret and protect your fingerboard to keep you from messing up your fingerboard while you're working on the frets.

Winterizer Guitar Care Set

And the third gift idea that we have is the Winterizer Guitar Care Set. Now we've got this for acoustic and electric. This kind of picks up where the Rough Fret Smooth + Shine Set leaves off. During those winter months your guitar is going to be exposed to a lot of hot, dry air and wood hates that. You get cracking, you'll get chipping, you'll get frets sprouting out past the ends of fretboard. This will take care of the rough fret ends, but it will also keep your guitar moisturized and humidified with our ColorTone Lemon Oil; you'll get a humidifier that goes in the sound hole or if you choose the electric set you'll get a case humidifier; and then one of our hygrometers so that you can keep track of the humidity. Everything that your guitar player will need to keep the guitar healthy and playing in the best possible shape.

So there's three great gift ideas for your guitar player. These all address common issues faced by guitar players, but if you want something more general, you're not sure what to get your guitar player, don't worry we've done the legwork for you in the form of our StewMac Gear Box (no longer available); and they come with everything from polishes to strings, to string liners, string cutters, tuners depending on what box you choose. We've got three different price levels available, a $50, a $100, and a $160 box for your guitar player, depending on if you like them, love them, or love them a whole lot. For all this and more check us out at StewMac.com.

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