Winterizer Electric Guitar Care Set

Winterizer Electric Guitar Care Set
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Winterizer Acoustic Guitar Care Set
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Winterizer Electric Guitar Care Set

Are your guitars safe? Low humidity and dry air can ruin your guitars. Sharp, painful fret ends and nasty cracks can be caused by dry conditions, heaters, air conditioners, and cold weather. But you can fix and prevent this damage with this one essential set.

Wood shrinks and swells naturally in guitars, and dealing with these changes is part of regular maintenance that all guitars will need. All year long you should keep an eye on your humidity to make sure your guitars are protected. Don't let the change of seasons ruin your favorite guitar!

Keep your guitars healthy
This set makes it easy to keep your guitars safe! Just follow the steps:

  1. Protect: monitor your humidity and know when it's time to condition and hydrate your guitars
  2. Stabilize: use a case humidifier or soundhole humidifier to keep your guitar happy and hydrated
  3. Repair: file back sharp fret ends and oil dry fretboards for a smooth playing experience

What are the symptoms of a dry guitar?
An acoustic soundboard will shrink and can crack, which is difficult to fix. Low humidity causes the top to sink and the neck to bow forward, making the frets buzz. Next, the fretboard wood shrinks back too, making the frets "sprout". The sharp fret ends poking out make a guitar painful to play.

Electric guitars suffer too. Dry air will cause all woods to shrink and finish will check and crack. Electric guitar fingerboards will also shrink and have painful fret sprout too. Finally, the neck can shift and twist, making adjustments necessary.

Don't let this happen to any of your cherished guitars!
Each set includes every to prevent and repair damage from low humidity:

10665 D'Addario Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier Pro
10908 D'Addario Planet Waves Guitar Case Humidifier

Tools to prevent damage
3864 ColorTone Lemon Oil
5765 Digital Humidity + Temperature Gauge

Tools to repair damage
1175 Fret End Dressing File
3744 StewMac Fingerboard Guards, For Guitar, Set of 6
3730 Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads, 2" x 2" Set of 9
3707 Micro-Mesh Touch Up Stick

Acoustic or electric guitar—we've got you covered!
We've got sets for any guitar you have. Each set has the right tools to keep your guitar safe and playing great.

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